Workforce Well-being

Project Management shows the way in Workforce Well-being

The company’s commitment to contractor safety is highlighted at prestigious Ministry of Human Resource and Social Development conference in Riyadh.

Project Management shows the way in Workforce Well-being

Aramco’s ongoing efforts to promote and sustain health and well-being among its contractor workforce have recently been showcased at a premier government health and safety event in Riyadh.


The company’s Project Management (PM) organization was invited to present at the International Workplace Health and Safety Conference event to share insights and experiences on the topic of “Contractors’ Roles and Responsibilities toward Workers’ Safety and Health.”


It marked the first time Aramco has shared its experience in the subject area at an event.


The Riyadh event brings together executive management and top health, safety, and environment leaders and speakers to address current health and safety challenges.


PM presented on the Aramco experience in managing the well-being of its contractor workforce as an integral part of its safety system.


A presentation was delivered by Osama M. Al-Saleh, manager of the Special Kingdom Projects Department, and was well received by the audience with a question and answer session held during the panel discussion. 


The presentation was prepared in coordination with the Well-being initiative team leader, Sameer S. Al-Mintakh, and Rafat F. Sharif under the PM Support Services Department.


In 2016, a PM initiative led by the senior vice president of Technical Services, Ahmad A. Al Sa’adi, focused on the Saudization of construction contractors. 


Al-Mintakh was given the responsibility of this initiative, and he implemented the PM Construction Contractors Saudization program in 2019.


The goal of the initiative was to boost the pool of skilled and competent Saudi nationals within the PM construction contractors’ workforce and develop recommendations to promote and sustain Saudization in line with company targets and the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.



That initiative would later evolve into the PM Construction Contractors’ Workforce Well-being (CCWW), the first group of its kind in Aramco to have conceptualized the five focus area concepts of well-being: 

• Living Conditions 

• Work Efficiency 

• Training & Development 

• Medical 

• Salary, which have been established.


CCWW is currently monitoring and reporting on the well-being among its Saudi and Expatriate workforce, and sharing its best practices with other Aramco entities. 


Al-Mintakh described his involvement with CCWW as “the most important assignment of my career.”


“I helped orchestrate Saudization and developed the Well-Being program from scratch. No other task has motivated me as much as this one and I am totally committed to it.”



The vision of the initiative is to sustain a stable, qualified, and integrated workforce for PM construction contractors through maintaining the highest standards of well-being in line with both Aramco’s values and Vision 2030.



The mission is to provide PM construction contractors with the instruments to grow, attract, enable, and maintain the well-being of a workforce through providing consulting services, data gathering, finding treatments, analysis, improvement initiatives, the reporting of results and the sharing of lessons learned.


Sharif explained the ethos of CCWW, “When you put people first and then surround them with processes and disciplines that recognize their efforts, their performance will soar.”


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