Formula 1 in 2021

The 2021 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix: Setting the pace for opportunity

From the launch of lubricants to sponsoring school programs, Aramco's partnership with Formula 1 a success.

The 2021 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix: Setting the pace for opportunity

It’s difficult to believe the exhilarating 2021 Formula 1® (F1) season – at 22 races, the longest ever season for the sport – has finally waved the checkered flag on the final race. 


A new world champion has been anointed on the winners podium and the inspiring achievements of the teams have been celebrated. The highly competitive on-track sparring between the two championship leaders, Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes and Max Verstappen of the Red Bull team, produced some of the most intensive race action in recent years for F1 fans around the world -– right up to the last, startling lap.


Formula 1, with its global, tech-savvy audience that, according to F1’s website, numbered about 1.5 billion fans despite last year’s pandemic challenges, provides the perfect platform for highlighting Aramco’s brand and its global partnership with the premier motorsport organization.


A Showcase of our alignment with F1

This world-class event helped spotlight the close alignment between F1 and Aramco on technology development, including: 


  • High-performance fuels, lubricants, and engines
  • Robust, lightweight materials such as carbon fiber composites
  • Commitment toward reducing carbon emissions. 


Reflecting these common interests, Aramco had a number of exhibits at the Jiddah circuit, including ORIZON® lubricants, the F1 in Schools Saudi Arabia booth by the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture (Ithra), and an F1 racing car simulator exhibit. 

ORIZON brand

Coinciding with the Dec. 5 race day, Aramco celebrated the launch of its entry into the Kingdom’s domestic consumer lubricants market by displaying some of its ORIZON® branded automotive lubricants at a booth within the Main Village zone. 


The ORIZON® booth had several products on display, including synthetic and semi-synthetic oils for both gasoline and heavy-duty diesel engines, as well as engine coolant. The full product range includes a variety of engine oils, brake and transmission fluids, and greases, as well as lubricants for industrial equipment, marketed under the ORIZONPRO® brand. 

F1 in Schools

The main goal of the F1 in Schools Saudi Arabia program is to promote science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) subjects among young students across the Kingdom, and how the STEM disciplines can help propel students toward a fulfilling career. Activities promoted by the program include designing, building, and racing scale-model racing cars, some examples of which were on display at the exhibit.


The response from visitors has been extremely positive. They have been curious about the program being in Saudi and enthusiastic about participating in the program next year.
— Nour Aldajani of Ithra 


The exhibit provided visitors with a variety of fun activities, including printing model racing cars with 3-D printers and racing them on a demonstration race track. 


Aramco also installed racing car simulators at the circuit, which, judging by the long lines of visitors, proved to be very popular. This exhibit included authentic full-scale reproduction F1 cars with full-motion operation, 65-inch triple curved display setups, replica F1 wheels and tires, and dynamic suspension. 


The simulators provided visitors with a fun opportunity to experience what it is like to drive a real F1 car, and had the look, sound, and feel to match.

Ahmed Bakhashwain, who was managing the simulator experience, commented: “Watching people lining up for as many as 45 minutes to try these full-scale car simulators, which we have set up in one of the fan zone areas, is proof we have provided visitors with a unique and realistic opportunity to see what driving an F1 car is really like. It has been wonderful to see people so excited!” 


Even though the race track and the garages in the pit lane have gone quiet, and the cheering fans have left the circuit, the many fans who witnessed the spectacle of the 2021 STC Saudi Arabian Grand Prix will not easily forget the unprecedented thrills of the season’s penultimate F1 race; on the newest and fastest street circuit. It was an eventful and highly entertaining race that placed Jiddah firmly on the map as one of the most exciting venues in the F1 World Championship. 


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