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Safety Training Taxi: Brining safety to the workplace

The taxi, which was launched in June, is a one-stop mobile safety operation.

Safety Training Taxi: Brining safety to the workplace

For years, getting construction worker trainees to a designated classroom has always been a challenge due to progress demand in construction projects.


The situation has become even more difficult during the COVID-19 pandemic as additional safety measures such as social distancing has reduced the availability of areas suitable for groups of individuals.


Enter the Safety Training Taxi (STT).


Introduced by the Maritime Yard Development Project and its prime contractor, the STT was part of an effort to explore innovation options to address the training needs.


What is the STT?

The STT is a special vehicle equipped with various training resources that reaches out to workers where they work. Equipped with a large viewing screen, a set of speakers, a foldable table, and laptop loaded with training videos and presentations in different languages, the STT is a one-stop mobile safety operation. 


Overcome the challenges of getting trainees to a designated classroom by taking the training session to their work locations

Flexibility of visiting multiple sites in one project area: offices, laydown yards, batching plants, and site camps

Substantially increasing the number of site workers receiving safety training

The ability to introduce other safety training sessions on short notice without major logistic concerns

Short training sessions that do not extend more than 15 to 30 minutes per topic

Training sessions are held around the clock, covering day and night shifts alike.


The vehicle travels between different work locations according to a prepared monthly schedule, which is developed jointly between Project Management and the contractor in advance for the following month.


Topics are selected carefully based on high risk activities, repeated violations and other parameters necessary to raise awareness among site workers. The schedule lists training sessions dates, time, locations, topics, language, number of attendees, and construction supervisor contact information. 


Duration of training sessions are 15-20 minutes and do not exceed 30 minutes, including Q&As while refreshments are offered to attendees. 


The STT was launched in June and started training site workers at their work locations, a total of 1,848 employees were trained by the end of August. 


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