Operational Excellence

Engineering Services celebrates success

Human capital has always been Aramco's driving factor for Operational Excellence.

Engineering Services celebrates success

Sufficient and effective technical resources are by no doubt the ultimate recipe of success for any organization. However, when it comes to Aramco, human capital is by far the most valued resource. 


Consequently, last week, Engineering Services (ES) honored 27 professionals and teams under seven awards categories during the ES Excellence Award ceremony, held at the North Park Multipurpose Hall, for their outstanding contributions and achievements in different business fields. 


During the ceremony, a new additional award category was introduced; the Best Circular Economy Performance. This years winners were described as unique assets that continue to progress in a dynamic and evolving work environment. Human capital has always been the essential factor in allowing the company to achieve operational excellence and advance multiple business objectives. 


Career development; a performance polishing factor

Motaz A. Al Mashouk, executive director of ES, also praised all 27 winners, stating, We are very proud of our peoples achievements this year, and we are looking forward to an even better business performance in 2022.”


The ES Excellence Program is designed to constantly showcase engineering potentials along with their significant contributions across the company. The annual ceremony is, in fact, an inspiring method for the companys professionals to prevail in their areas of interest and accordingly earn recognition. That is only attained through a consistent career development program set specifically to offer various enriching experiences for individuals. 


Khalid Y. Al-Qahtani, acting chief engineer, commented on this occasion by saying, The 2021 ES Excellence Awards is an opportunity to look back at our business performances and to recognize outstanding achievements.” 


From the winners

Saad Abdulhadi, an Operational Excellence Department (OED) engineer, outlined what the awards represent to the winners after being recognized as the 2021 Best Technical Instructor. I am proud to add value to young engineers in their journey to be the leaders of the future. I am happy for this recognition. It truly motivates me to do my best in the future.” 


Md Anwar Parvez, an engineering specialist from the Consulting Services Department (CSD) and one of three winners under the category of Best Innovation and Technology Deployment, said: Being recognized in the area of Best Innovation and Technology Deployment is a huge honor for me. On that topic, Id like to express my gratitude to the nonmetallic team for their unwavering support. Our team is committed to pushing the frontiers of new technologies while also tackling operational challenges. 


Hatem Alghamdi, acting chief Fire Prevention engineer working under the Loss Prevention Department (LPD), expressed his joy after making the list as one of five who earned the prize under the category of Best Standards Committee winner by saying: We are honored and proud to receive the Best Standards Committee ES Excellence Award. We are very appreciative of those who supported our journey, including our leadership, various company subject matter experts, particularly the Standards Management Unit. This award is reflective of the committees performance progression and provides a well strived for assurance on meeting the criticality of the safety value in the company. This motivates us to further push the boundaries of excellence to address future challenges.” 


List of awarded professionals and teams per category:


VRC Excellence Award:

o Technical Committee

1. CSD: Rakan Mahayni (Electrical System Designs & Automation)

2. Process & Control Services Department (P&CSD): Asaad M. Hashim (Process Control)

3. CSD: Hamad A. Tuaimi (Electrical Substations Equipment)


o Quality Office

1. Inspection Department: Wathilan A. Hajri 


Best Technical Instructors: 

1. Inspection Department: Mohamed A. Ahmed

2. Inspection Department: Turki F. Shehri

3. OED: Saad Abdulhadi


Best Standards Committees:

1. CSD: Hassan S. Sagour (Painting & Coating)

2. CSD: Hamad A. Tuaimi (Electrical Substations Equipment)

3. CSD: Mohammed S. Khoufi (Piping)

4. P&CSD: Fawaz A. Sahan (Instrumentation)

5. LPD: Hatem S. Ghamdi (Loss Prevention)


Best Knowledge Management: 

1. Berri Gas Plant Department: Ahmed M. Wadeai (Acting manager)

2. P&CSD: Walid A. Naeem (Manager)

3. North Ghawar Producing Department: Abdulaziz U. Saleh (Manager)


Top Performing Community of Practice (CoP):

1. CSD: Mirza M. Baig (Nonmetallics)

2. Supply Chain Policy & Systems Department: German E. Moreno

3. P&CSD: Mustafa K. Hashim (Energy Management & Transition) 


Best Innovation and Technology Deployment:

1. Inspection Department: Isa H. Mudaibegh 

2. P&CSD: Soliman M. Almadi

3. CSD: Md Anwar Parvez


Best Departments Driving the Transition to CE Model: 

o Operating Facilities

1. Hawiyah NGL Recovery Plant Department: Ahmed A. Harbi (Manager)

2. Ras Tanura Producing Department: Mansour F. Dossary (Manager)

3. Manifa Producing Department: Buti R. Subai (Manager)


o Service and Support

1. Inspection Department: Bader A. Busbait (Manager)

2. CSD: Abdullah S. Humaid (Manager)

3. Material Logistics Department: Ahmed N. Zahrani (Manager)


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