Formula 1 In The Kingdom

F1 comes to the Kingdom, drives Aramco brand globally

Historic day for company and Saudi Arabia as Jiddah hosts first ever Formula 1 Grand Prix.

F1 comes to the Kingdom, drives Aramco brand globally

History was made on Sunday as the checkered flag came down on the Jiddah Corniche circuit and the buzz of high performance engines heralded the beginning of Saudi Arabia’s first ever Formula 1 (F1) Grand Prix race.


On televisions across the globe, the Aramco brand was brought into focus for fans as a global sponsor.


F1 has a massive fan base of more than 500 million and a television audience of 1.9 billion — what better platform to share the brand with the world?


Aramco is one of seven global partners of F1 across all of its races, and will use the platform to showcase its commitments to precision engineering, high performance, and “future fuels.”


Prior to the race in Jiddah, Saudi Aramco president and CEO Amin Nasser, interacted with guests and highlighted the synergy between the two organizations. 


“F1 is a sport where success is based on technology, teamwork and constant innovation and the same applies to Aramco’s success as a market leader in our business,” he said.


Both Aramco and F1 have a particular focus on safety and also enables us to demonstrate our innovation through our scientists and engineers who are leading our efforts to develop more efficient engines and better products.
— Amin Nasser

Event to be proud of

For Aramco, the Jiddah Corniche race was a sporting event to be proud of. But it was more than just a race.


It solidified the company’s status as the world’s largest energy supplier and underscored the level of its ambitions, its culture of innovation, and its profile as a pioneer of game changing transport technology solutions for a sustainable future for that sector.


Nabeel A. Al Jama', Aramco’s senior vice president of HR and Corporate Services, pointed to the importance of the partnership in terms of innovation, technology, and sustainability. 


“Formula 1 is at the forefront in automotive technology innovation and has a global platform that supports efficient internal combustion engines and technologies that reduce emissions. This is in line with the company’s research on developing fuel and more efficient internal combustion engines, in addition to developing cutting-edge gasoline and diesel fuel systems and engines. The goal is to develop and use oil-based, efficient, sustainable, and cost-effective fuel engine systems.”  


Both F1 and Aramco are engineering centric entities and by sharing expertise they are seeking to identify opportunities in enhanced engine efficiency, optimized low carbon fuels, emissions reduction, lightweighting, and carbon management solutions.


Unlocking research and development opportunities

The partnership also unlocks research and development opportunities for Aramco and F1.


Both are identifying opportunities to cooperate on vehicle efficiency and to realize carbon reduction benefits, both in the sport and across the global transport sector.


The use of nonmetallics, such as carbon fiber, has been central to F1’s success, and Aramco has been leading the way in the development and deployment of nonmetallics in the energy industry. 


Advancing in this area will drive enhanced efficiency both on-track and across the transportation sector through lightweighting and boosted performance.


The sport is synonymous with dynamism and technological innovation, making it a perfect pick for Aramco for a global sponsorship deal. 


Global awareness

The sponsorship provides a platform to raise global awareness of the positive role Aramco plays in providing reliable energy supplies and developing new technologies to reduce carbon emissions. 


This is all a part of an energy transition in which fossil fuels will continue to play a significant role for the foreseeable future.


Aramco is determined to help meet the world’s demand for energy that is cleaner, reliable, and affordable. Even with a significant shift to alternative energy sources, forecasts point out that the world will still need oil and gas in its energy mix.


Aramco has signaled that it will continue to invest in research and technologies that advance the sustainability of the energy industry, and the partnership with F1 is the ideal platform to showcase this while taking the entertainment and sporting offering of the Kingdom to never before seen levels. 


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