Diversity and Inclusion

Industrial Training Center works toward empowerment and diversity

Aramco has empowered women to study in Kingdom and abroad for years.

Industrial Training Center works toward empowerment and diversity

Under the Aramco Industrial Training Department (ITD), the Dhahran North Industrial Training Center (ITC) is now welcoming female trainees to its campus. 


An onboarding session took place on Oct. 10, which enabled 80 new female trainees to enroll in vocational training programs at the Dhahran North ITC starting on Oct. 17.  


ITD is the largest organization within Training and Development (T&D), consisting of the Northern, Central, Southern, and Western operating divisions. 


The Central Area Industrial Training Division (CAITD), which was established in 1955, offers academic and jobs skills training for both non-employees and employees, including:


• Two-Year Apprenticeship Program (APNE) for non-college degree trainees 

• One-Year Vocational College Graduate Program (VCGNE) for vocational/technical college graduates

• Full- and part-time regular programs

• Self-study program

• Summer program.


The CAITD female program offers APNEs and VCGNEs the following tracks:


• Admin clerks 

• Industrial security operators 

• Lab technicians.

Training and empowerment

Female empowerment is not new for the company, as Aramco began sponsoring Saudi female students to study abroad as of 2006. The Diversity and Inclusion Division also provides programs that help women in the workforce to develop their professional careers and build leadership skills. 


CAITD Academic assistant superintendent Rajaa M. Ramadhan shared with enthusiasm, “I think this is a great step forward. It’s a natural continuation of all the support provided to females since the beginning of Aramco.”


Joining a shared environment will enable females to adjust to their future jobs, as they work alongside their fellow male colleagues and interact with their teachers to acquire the requisite academic and job skills, as well as soft skills.


Fozia A. Took, acting principal of the Dhahran ITC math and science unit, shared her thoughts on this move. “Aramco is paving the path for more diverse careers in the workplace, as well as equal opportunities for all employees,” she said.


Sara A. Muhaisin, Apprentice Administration superintendent shared: “This is a very ambitious goal on a national level: supporting female empowerment and equal opportunities is in alignment with Vision 2030. Historically, Aramco has had a progressive role in supporting females — and we all have been thankful for that.”


Enthusiastic students

Farah Almomin, who is an APNE training in security operations, shared: “My friend told me about the program, and I’m so grateful I got chosen. I’m excited to have this opportunity to study with my fellow colleagues, and learn from my teachers.”


Sara Abdullah, an admin clerk with a major in finance has joined the VCGNE program. “I’m so ecstatic to be a part of this journey as a trainee. I can’t wait to do my best and enhance my skills to fulfill my duties at Aramco in the future,” she shared.


“The trainees like to be involved in events and shared activities and don’t feel apprehensive about being a part of a shared environment,” said Ramadhan. “We are proud of our female population and look forward to preparing them,” she continued.


In total, 80 female trainees alongside 88 male trainees will be working in an inclusive campus. Training women in vocational fields is a significant step for the company as these specific training programs have historically been provided in a male-dominant environment. 


“Having female trainees officially under CAITD is an indicator of the company’s alignment with the initiatives set by the government to empower more females in the workforce,” said Muhaisin. 


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