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Aramco plays key role in international construction projects certification

New training courses were designed to bridge the gap in construction projects training and certification.

Aramco plays key role in international construction projects certification

For the first time in the global project management and construction industries, a certification will be offered to attest to the capabilities of those who complete the construction-knowledge path.


And Aramco was instrumental in bringing the new certification to fruition.


As president of the KSA Chapter of the Project Management Institute (PMI) and manager of Aramco’s Marjan and Zuluf Increment Projects Department, manager Badr M. Burshaid worked with fellow Aramcon Abdirahman Abdi, an engineering consultant from the Project Management Office Department in laying the groundwork to make the certification a reality.


Noting that Aramco has significant experience in management of construction projects for decades, Burshaid said the new certification will be offered to attest the capabilities of those who complete the construction-knowledge path.


Meeting an industry need

Much of the currently available training and certification industrywide has addressed project management in a one size fits all approach. The new training and certification looks to “promote knowledge and enhance the professionalism of project management practitioners worldwide,” Burshaid said, adding that PMI has been providing a set of certifications for decades.


The training and certification was designed with the knowledge that productivity growth in construction over the past two decades has lagged behind the global economy and manufacturing. Some global consultants believe construction productivity can be improved by as much as 60%.


The new training courses and certification are the fruits of joint efforts between Aramco and the global industries to bridge the gap in construction projects training and certification, and equip the construction projects professionals with necessary knowledge and tools to improve productivity and address key challenges in construction projects such as poor communication, scope creep, and technology management.
Badr M. Burshaid 


Courses and certifications

The courses and certifications, Titled Construction Professional in Built Environment Projects (CPBEP)TM the courses and certifications were designed to help improve the construction industry projects’ deliveries by equipping the construction project managers and professionals with the required skills to create projects environments set for success. While focusing on construction-specific aspects and challenges, the first three training modules being rolled out are:


  • Effective Communication in construction Environment Projects: Focusing on how professionals can improve their communication skills in construction projects
  • Scope and Change Management for Construction Projects: This course equips professionals with the required tools and techniques to manage scope throughout the construction projects life cycle
  • Interface Management: Recent industry research revealed that the success of construction projects mainly depends on how well project teams manage the interface points. This course introduces new ways to manage project interfaces more effectively.


Four more courses will be added in the second phase to reach a total of seven, including: 

  • Construction Projects Environment Performance Management
  • Execution Planning in the Construction Projects Environment 
  • Contract and Risk Management in the Construction Projects Environment
  • Construction Projects Environment Technology and Innovation.


The courses and certification will cover a wide range of learning modules, including: The Need for Better Construction Execution; Project Controls and Principles; The Construction Project Environment; Workforce Planning; The Scope Triangle – Time, Quality, and Cost; Technical Queries Review; Contract Administration; Stakeholders Setup and Management; Interface Management; Scope and Change Order Management; Health, Safety, and Environment; Materials Management; Effective Project Communication; Technology in Construction; Claim Avoidance and Dispute Resolution; Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning, and Startup Planning.


By having construction-specific learning or training courses and obtaining the associated certification, the upcoming generation of construction project managers will be better suited in dealing with the ups and downs, as well as the high risks that often jeopardize construction projects. 


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