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Your Voice: Aramco is the falcon of the energy industry

Our leaders work to be agile and decisive, like a falcon, when confronting global challenges.

Your Voice: Aramco is the falcon of the energy industry

This is the time of the year when migratory birds pass through the Kingdom on their annual journey. I, like a number of people in the Kingdom, particularly admire one of these birds — the falcon. This creature has been an integral part of the history of the Arabian Peninsula. 


The falcon and Aramco share characteristics that are admirable and important for success: persistence, decisiveness, and agility.


The falcon is amazing in its persistence once its prey is spotted. It will attack the prey several times with varying techniques until it succeeds. Similarly, history has shown how Aramco employs persistence when faced with major challenges. The story of Dammam Well No. 7 — the Prosperity Well — exemplifies this characteristic clearly.


Today, we face the challenge of managing our carbon footprint, and we are addressing it with a plan for persistence through our promising Greenhouse Gas Emissions Management Program.


In his book, Sun Tzu described how leaders should be like the falcon when faced with critical situations. “Like the well-judged flight of the falcon, in a flash crushing its quarry, so should the stroke be timed.” 


Yes, this is how decisive and agile the falcon is, and Aramco’s leaders follow a similar pattern when confronting global challenges. For example, as a member of Information Technology (IT), I am proud about the decisiveness and agility IT took in the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic when we enabled all corporate employees to connect remotely as if they are at office, hosting meetings online. Tremendous efforts were exerted to achieve this result in a timely manner that honestly reminded me about how a falcon attacks its prey.


I have no doubt that Aramco and the falcon will continue sharing these three vital characteristics, and our adoption of the Digital Transformation Program will enable us to take these three characteristics to new success levels. 



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