Feel the Burn 2021

Three-day Feel the Burn challenge highlights firefighters’ remarkable abilities

This year’s event featured 12 teams and 120 competitors from across the Kingdom.

Three-day Feel the Burn challenge highlights firefighters’ remarkable abilities

The Fire Protection Department’s (FrPD) three-day 2021 Feel the Burn Firefighter Challenge at Ithra showcased the phenomenal abilities of firefighters who protect our community around the clock. And the strongest of them was recognized as “the Toughest Firefighter Alive.” 

Meet your competition

Twelve teams comprising of 120 competitors represented firefighters from all over the Kingdom. The Invitational Firefighter Challenge saw firefighters compete from Aramco, the Civil Defense, Aramco’s joint venture (JVs) companies, Petro Rabigh, YASREF, SAMREF, and SATORP. At the same time, FrPD’s Divisional Firefighter Challenge pitted Aramco firefighters from Abqaiq, Dhahran/Riyadh, the Northern Remote Area, Ras Tanura, ‘Udhailiyah, and the Western Region Divisions, against each other. 


With a spectacular light show and iconic Ithra as a backdrop, the arena’s atmosphere was buzzing as the event kicked off with a parade of firetrucks, firefighters, and flags. The event was inaugurated by Aramco president and CEO Amin Nasser; senior vice president of HR and Corporate Services Nabeel A. Al-Jama’; and vice president of Safety and Industrial Security Aali M. Al-Zahrani, who welcomed the FrPD, Civil Defense, and JV firefighters.      

Our proud and diverse firefighters

During the Opening Ceremony, Abdullah S. Amri introduced two female engineers and the first certified firefighters Abeer Aljabr and Jazyah Aldossary. Twenty-one additional females will be certified in the future as a fire inspector, thereby demonstrating Aramco’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.

More than 100 firefighters completed demanding trials at the Dhahran Fire Training Center (DFTC) in preparation for the event. Selected competitors then underwent a grueling training program designed by the FrPD Health and Wellness Group to enhance competitive performance and fire-related skill proficiencies.  


This event was a tremendous opportunity for firefighters to engage the community members they serve and protect. Furthermore, it provided firefighters Kingdomwide a platform to demonstrate their elite fitness levels, exceptional teamwork, and sportsmanship while competing for the esteemed title of Toughest Firefighter Alive. 


The motto of “Proud to be a Firefighter” was evident on the faces of all those who competed, not to mention the awe-inspiring support they had for each other.

The challenge

Firefighters completed physically demanding challenges at breakneck speed with ages ranging from the 20 to 50+ plus age group. The Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Challenge saw lightning fast firefighters donning firefighter clothing and equipment and undergoing grueling skills-based trials.  The Stair Run Challenge saw firefighters ascend 13 floors (300+ steps) of Ithra while weighed down by more than 34 kg of equipment.  


Spectators witnessed exceptional displays of strength, speed, and skill as firefighters pushed the boundaries of what is possible to be crowned winners across five events.  


With a total number of 9,000 spectators throughout three days, families had the chance to go on firetruck rides and enjoy the competition.


Feel the Burn strives to provide awareness of the demands on firefighters, both physically and emotionally, in their role of saving lives and protecting assets. In addition, it promotes healthy competition, a sense of fun, and camaraderie among firefighters from all over the Kingdom, and hopefully inspires the next generation of firefighters.


Toughest Firefighter Alive: 20s division: 1. Abdulrahman Al-Khuraji, WR; 2. Faisal J. Al-Dulbahi, DH/RYD; 3. Fahad A. Jaafri, ABQ.
Toughest Firefighter Alive: 30s division: 1. Abdulaziz Almulhim, UDH; 2. Hamdan A. Husaeni, Aramco team; 3. Abdullah A. Qahtani, DH/RYD.
Invitational Competition: 1. Aramco; 2. Petro Rabigh; 3. YASREF
Divisional Competition: 1. ‘Udhailiyah; 2. Dhahran/Riyadh; 3. Western Region.
Toughest Firefighter Alive Relay: 1. Nawaf/Ganim/Hatem, WR; 2. Abdullah/Mutiq/Omar, Aramco team; 3. Hassan, Mishkas, Abdulaziz.
Stair Run Challenge Aramco Division: 1. Abdulaziz Al Shammari, NRA; 2. Abdulrahman Al Qahtani, DH/RYD; 3. Saeed BinZagar, WR.
Stair Run Challenge JV Division: 1. Abdulaziz Al Shammari, Aramco; 2. Saeed Albeladi, YASREF; 3. Muaddi Zaher, Civil Defense.

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