Digital Bolt Technology

Aramco employs digital bolt torquing technology in Ras Tanura

The process is designed to accelerate execution of the Ras Tanura Clean Fuels Project.

Aramco employs digital bolt torquing technology in Ras Tanura

For the first time in the company's history, Aramco is employing cutting-edge digital bolt torquing technology as part of its Ras Tanura Refinery Clean Fuels Project.


The collaboration between the Refining and NGL Projects (R&NGLPD) and Consulting Services (CSD) departments strives to enhance efficiency and profitability as it works to accelerate the execution of the RT project.


CSD's diligent technical evaluation ensured safe piloting of the technology.


The RT Refinery Clean Fuels Project
The Ras Tanura Refinery Clean Fuels Project will provide facilities to support Saudi Aramco’s corporate objective of effectively supplying diesel and gasoline products that comply with the future Saudi Aramco gasoline and diesel quality specifications as per Euro-V fuels quality standards. The new naphtha complex plants that will be installed as part of the project at RT Refinery is comprised of 138 MBD Naphtha Hydrotreater, 90 MBD Reforming Unit, and 65 MBD Isomerization Unit, which are classified as the world’s largest Naphtha Processing Facilities.



Advantages of digital bolt torqueing

This specific technology offers several advantages over conventional bolt torquing in terms of safety, efficiency, and cost. Digital bolt torquing methods resulted in a 75% savings in time required to complete bolting compared to conventional methods such as hydraulic bolt torquing. The technology's primary advantage is the direct input of exact torque values, indication of reaching target torque values, lighter weight that allows substantial mobility, which in turn eliminates the need for traditional hookups and arrangement of hoses and connections.


On the safety front, the technology's duel trigger design greatly reduces exposure to personal injury, eliminating many of the risks associated with conventional methods.


As for efficiency, the digital bolt technology utilizes Tensor Motor to deliver the highest tightening speed and is equipped with torque and angle transducers to ensure the tightening is done correctly — all while the data is recorded, eliminating any reading errors.


A technology culture

R&NGLPD takes pride in its pursuit to scout and deploy new technologies, promoting a culture of innovation and excellence to become a leading project management organization in technology deployment.


In 2021, the department deployed 11 cutting-edge technologies.


"The deployment of digital bolt torquing is yet another testament of the department's commitment to align with the corporate strategic objectives in utilizing the latest cutting-edge technologies maximizing to optimize capital programs' delivery," said Shammari, who added that the deployment reinforces R&NGLFD's mission to improve health and safety while enhancing efficiency through innovative solutions.


Shaker M. Asiri, senior projects manager in R&NGLPD, highlighted the collaborative effort between "the project team, the contractor, and CSD all working in a team spirit to find unconventional ways to optimize project execution.


"In this case, we did not just save time, but we also improved the safety and well-being of our workers," he said.


By Sadeq Aradji and Amjad S. Al Qarni


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