Cybersecurity Awareness

‘Do Your Part’ in raising cybersecurity awareness

Campaign promotes the importance of cybersecurity in the workplace, at home, and all points in-between.

‘Do Your Part’ in raising cybersecurity awareness

Aramco continues its efforts to elevate cybersecurity awareness in regard to risks and trends, the most recent a campaign conducted by our Information Security Department (ISD) under the international theme of “Do Your Part.”


The campaign focused on four key areas highlighting the importance of end-user responsibility in being the human guard. Participants were introduced to online scam trends and how to protect their online privacy and Internet of Things devices, such as closed-circuit tV cameras to ensure their home privacy. Other topics included outwitting cybercriminals, secure remote working, and protecting valuable data. These topics emphasized the individuals’ responsibility in keeping the online world secure as well as the family’s security. 

CybeRanger competition

In 2019, the CybeRanger competition was initiated to create a sense of excitement among Aramco employees to compete against one another and promote cybersecurity awareness. This annual competition also strives to encourage employees to expand their cybersecurity knowledge and extend it to their families and children. 


Through various activities and communication mediums, the campaign succeeded in reaching more than 4,750 participants. This year, the competition included solving cybersecurity brain teasers, creating artwork, and developing articles. 


Also, in collaboration with Aramco’s Information Protection Department, the campaign launched the Cybersecurity Bounty program that allows employees to report cybersecurity observations and weakness to mitigate potential threats to assets and data and then rewards them for their vigilance.


Sixteen employees were recognized and rewarded for their contribution. 


Energy Radio 

To expand the reach of the campaign to the public, ISD collaborated with the Corporate Communication Support Department to broadcast 16 brief cybersecurity messages through Aramco Energy Radio. 


“Most people think that they are immune from cybersecurity breaches and attacks and for this they ignore the cybersecurity practices,” said Shahaleel A. Yousef, a cybersecurity specialist. 


Assume that nothing that goes online is private; the internet does not have a delete key, and anything that you post online will stay online forever.
— Shahaleel A. Yousef

Student outreach 

Aramco’s ISD collaborated with the Ministry of Education by arranging and launching a cybersecurity art workshop in which students were given an overview about cybersecurity and how it affects their daily activities. The participants competed on delivering different messages through their artwork.


The developed art provided security tips, the importance of securing social media accounts, and the importance of utilizing strong passwords. 


“The workshop provided the students with the chance to view cybersecurity in an unusual and creative perspective,” one of the teachers said. The workshops concluded by recognizing four winners each day. 


“Each of us plays a crucial role in protecting information at home and at work, and in helping our families to adopt safe cybersecurity practices as well,” Aramco’s chief information security officer Basim A. Al-Ruwaii said. 


Winners in the CybeRanger competition

First place winners

Mohamed Rajamohamed

Mohammad Mohsin

Ola Abazaid


Second place winners

Raed Makki

Khalid Alghamdi

Zainab Abdulmohsen

Fadi Ayed

Sima Trivedi


Third place winners

Abdullah Essa

Saad Albedaiwi

Angel Mendez Orta

Girish Ramachandran

Thamer Tomais

Mustafa Hashem

Jeffry Canlas

Ghadeer Alhamed


Students Winners in Art Competition

First place winners

Hameed Al-Huthali

Siba Al-Musa


Second place winners

Turki Al-Zahrani

Layan Al-Nuishi


Third place winners

Haya Al-Dossari

Abdulaziz Al-Otaibi


Fourth place winners

Ziad Hussain

Ghadah Albin Ahmed


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