Rebuilding Together

Aramco trainees come together to give back

Volunteers spent two days in November donating their time and effort to Tarmeem Charity Association, a nongovernmental organization that helps restore the homes of needy and low-income families in the Eastern Province.

Aramco trainees come together to give back

Earlier this month, Apprentice Program Non-Employees (APNEs) from the Dhahran Industrial Training Center and the Leading National Academy (LNA), an Aramco-led training academy empowering females to join the oil and gas industry in technical and vocational tracks, volunteered over two days to support the Tarmeem Charity Association. 


Tarmeem, a Dhahran-based nongovernmental organization that shares Aramco’s value of citizenship and service in local communities, is a charity that helps restore the homes of needy and low-income families in the Eastern Province.


Volunteering builds character

Ibrahim A. Attiah, superintendent of the Central Region/Western Region Training Division, said volunteer activities empower apprentices and help them to develop a strong sense of social responsibility. 

Volunteering builds character and promotes personality development. The benefits of volunteering are significant not only for the organization but also for the apprentices’ professional and personal development.
— Ibrahim A. Attiah


Value of volunteering

Over two days and 208 volunteer hours, 26 APNEs from Dhahran ITC and LNA worked on one family home alongside Tarmeem Charity Association tradespersons, painting 110 meters of interior walls. This work saved the homeowner SR11,232, including costs associated with labor, supplies, equipment, and temporary relocation while the work was being done.  

Safety first

To ensure the safety of the volunteers, representatives from Tarmeem Charity provided a safety orientation before the work began. In addition, ITD safety advisors introduced the APNE volunteers to chemical hazard bulletins related to paint and briefed them on first aid procedures in case of injury or emergencies. 


Prior to the arrival of the APNEs, the site was inspected to identify possible hazards, and an emergency assembly area was designated by Tarmeem organizers. The APNE volunteers were also provided with proper personal protection equipment, including goggles, masks, gloves, and disposable coveralls. 

Training center participation

“I really felt that I contributed something of value to my community,” said Fatimah Al-Bakheet, an apprentice from LNA. 


“I enjoyed every second painting the house. I can’t imagine the smile on the family members’ faces once they see their house at the end the renovation,” said Eyad Al-Zahrani, an apprentice at Dhahran ITC. 

Recognition ceremony

On Nov. 10, a ceremony was held to celebrate the work of the Industrial Training Department (ITD) volunteers who have made a difference in their communities. Mohammed T. Al-Subaiei, director of the ITD, and Khalid I. Nami, deputy manager of Government Affairs Dhahran, received the award at a luncheon on the closing day of the volunteer project. 


“This was the ideal time for us to reflect on an outstanding year of volunteering in such a unique and challenging environment,” said Al-Subaiei. 


“With International Volunteer Day approaching in December, it was a timely and well-deserved opportunity to express gratitude to Aramco volunteers who have given their time and effort to their community,” commented Nami.

Pride in Aramco’s role

After the event, Hamad Al-Khalidi, chairman of the Board of Directors for Tarmeem, expressed pride in the role Aramco plays in the field of social responsibility. Commenting on the important role played by Tareem in supporting local communities, he added, 


“Since launching the Tarmeem Charity Association, it has been our main concern to be an example by providing professional community services to our country. Tarmeem is the first such organization that renovates homes for low income families in the Eastern Province.”


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