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Aramco unveils Central Park in the heart of Dhahran

Over 250,000 square meters of rugged landscape was transformed using state-of-the-art xeriscaping techniques that conserve irrigation resources while expanding vegetation and maintaining aesthetic appeal.

Aramco unveils Central Park in the heart of Dhahran

At north east of Dhahran Golf Course, the new Central Park was inaugurated by Aramco's Community Services (CS).


As part of its quest to improve the quality and well-being of Aramco employees and their families, CS envisioned developing an exceptional attraction that will further promote environmental sustainability for the Dhahran Community, the Dhahran Central Park promises to provide an appealing social atmosphere combined with a deep sense for the environment stewardship and a self-sustainable natural park.  


The project was successfully completed within six months from inception despite the many challenges faced by the team, which included weather conditions and rugged dry landscape.


Promoting biodiversity 


The park strives to provide an inviting space in an ecologically balanced, sustainable environment that underscores the preserving of natural resources while emphasizing recycling and reuse.


This project was geared toward utilizing the existing topography without impacting any infrastructures. A gravity-flow stream supplies a continuous free flow of water through the length of the park without any mechanical parts. It uses treated sewage water in place of freshwater to embody the recycling and reuse of resources. 


Low maintenance solar power for lighting is used, seating benches are made from used materials, and recycling bins are produced from recycled wood to promote waste management framework.  

The biodiversity of Dhahran Central Park features local fauna of turtles, frogs, in addition to Genus Gambusia and Tilapia fish that are fed with mosquitos and aquatic insects – promoting biological balance in water. Over 250,000 m2 of rugged landscape was transformed using state-of-the-art xeriscaping techniques that conserve irrigation resources while expanding vegetation and maintaining aesthetic appeal.


Toward a greener community

With over 17,000 native trees and shrubs planted in the park, there are between 10-12 native flower varieties from the Arabian Peninsula. The park helps minimize carbon emissions and is an educational resource for employees and their dependents on the plant varieties. 


Our commitment to sustainability 

Nabeel A. Al Jama’, Aramco’s senior vice president of HR and Corporate Services said: “This is a unique addition to the Dhahran community – as the team expanded this small space with a wide range of native species. We think it provides a great opportunity for camp residents and visitors to enjoy a very beautiful place, while living up to the Company’s commitment to sustainability.” 


This is only the beginning, as we will see more initiatives and activities to make our communities vibrant and thriving places – this will be our natural oasis in the heart of Dhahran.
— Nabeel A. Al Jama’


Fahad K. Al Dhubaib, executive director of CS shared: “We are in the business of moving liquids — oil — from one place to the other.  Over the years, Community Services accumulated the knowledge of moving water to turn the desert into a green oasis.  Dhahran Central Park showcases that know how bringing an appealing natural park to improve livability and elevate quality of life. Within three years’ time, we will see the entire area alive and full of trees.”

Entertainment alongside the green initiative have been integrated at the park. General manager of CS, Mohammad A. Sultan, said, “Many green initiatives are located in remote areas, yet we wanted to bring it here in the community — with an objective of 65,000 native plants on completion.”


Surrounded by the delightful sights and sounds of water stream, Faisal F. Jindan, Central Community Services Department acting manager shared, “although Community Services have a long history of gardening and landscaping projects, the new Central Park is an uplifting addition to the Dhahran Community which will elevate the quality of life of our camp users.” 


The Dhahran Central Park will become lush green in a few years, whereby future generations will appreciate every moment spent in developing this heavenly place.


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