Clean Fuel Project

Yanbu’ Refinery completes YASREF Clean Fuel Interface Project

Aligned with Saudi Vision 2030, the project will enhance air quality by reducing harmful emissions.

Yanbu’ Refinery completes YASREF Clean Fuel Interface Project

The Yanbu’ Refinery Department (YRD) has successfully maximized its clean fuel production capacity with the completion of the YASREF Clean Fuel Interface project. 


This project enhances the Yanbu’ Refinery synergy profile with YASREF, Aramco's joint venture with SINOPEC YASREF, and reinforces Aramco’s commitment to enhance its environmental footprint associated with operations. Also, the safe and timely completion of the project is a testament of the close collaboration of multiple Aramco organizations that have made this project a reality. 


The objective of this project is to support the Kingdom’s Clean Transportation Fuels mandate to ameliorate the Kingdom’s air quality environmental specifications and cover demand growth in the Western Province. 


“This is aligned with Saudi Vision 2030 to enhance air quality by reducing indirect harmful emission to the atmosphere," said Abdulatif Al-Shami, YRD manager. 


This project would not have been achieved without the support of YASREF and other Aramco supporting organizations along with Downstream’s business line unlimited enablement through the Downstream transformation program.
—Abdulatif Al-Shami


The Yanbu’ Refinery has been producing gasoline and diesel clean fuel products since 2020. The project will further increase the refinery’s capability to meet the Western Region’s demand in alignment with Aramco’s corporate strategic objectives to synergize across the hydrocarbon value chain, and enhance its environmental profile. 


The new integrated pipeline networks will avail capability up to 900,000 barrels per day of refined clean products and further increase storage capacity of the refinery by 1.7 million barrels. Furthermore, the pipeline system is intended to transport gasoline and diesel to the new Western Region pipeline hub where Yanbu’ area refined products are received and routed to the North Jiddah Bulk Plant.


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