Oasis Alive

Planting hope in new Tanajib Eco-Park

Aramco inaugurates “New Era of Action: Oasis Alive” as it plans to plant 200,000 trees at the Tanajib Gas Plant.

Planting hope in new Tanajib Eco-Park

In accordance with the Saudi Green Initiative, which has an ambitious target of planting 10 billion native trees around the Kingdom in the coming decades, the Tanajib Gas Plant (TGP) Projects Department celebrated the success of the inaugural ceremony of the “New Era of Action: Oasis Alive” on Oct. 25. 


This plantation initiative is part of an ongoing green initiative, which the Kingdom and the company has undertaken to reduce carbon emissions and contribute to global efforts for a healthier environment with improved air quality, halting desertification, enhancing biodiversity as well as lowering local temperatures within the plantation area. 


This green initiative also falls under the Vision Realization Programs (VRPs); which include the Quality of Life Program and the National Transformation Program that translate the Saudi Vision 2030 into real actions.


Our action now will last for generations to come as these factors are merged together and planted into TGP’s ground, and today, very proudly we can see it grow and prosper.
— Omar Alkhaldi, TGP Plantation Project engineer


Caring for our Earth: Human’s most ancient responsibility

This initiative strives to maximize the efficient use of excess treated wastewater generated from temporary construction facilities and convert this waste stream into an environmentally friendly valuable product for developing plantations. The initiative will have a positive impact on the community of Tanajib and stand as a pioneer model for future projects to follow. 


A new era of green action 

The inauguration of the initiative was attended by Aramco’s Environmental Protection, the Eastern Province Government Affairs Department, Tanajib Area Loss Prevention, and Safaniyah Industrial Security, along with representatives from Government authorities, including the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture and the Eastern Region Municipality.


Hosam I. Al Jalal, acting general manager of Area Projects, expressed his gratitude to the attendees in his speech for their generous contribution in making this event a success, noting that preserving the environment is inherent in the company’s values and can only be achieved by managing the Kingdom’s natural environment in a sustainable manner. “I am very proud to say that the TGP plantation project positions the company’s environmental commitment into real grounds, and makes its environmental objectives achievable,” he said. 


“The plan is developed to plant approximately 200,000 trees at the Tanajib Gas Plant construction site, covering more than 15,000,000 m2, with a peak of 10,000 m3 per day of treated wastewater to be used for irrigation,” said Hamdan S. Al-Ghamdi, TGP Projects Department manager.


Environmental stewardship

The model for self-sustainable green areas is currently being implemented around TGP facilities and will progress in five future phases, starting with planting more than 15,000 trees at the Eco-Park before the end of 2021 as the irrigation system is completed and the area made ready for plantations.


“The TGP Plantation Project is a combination of enthusiastic contributions, collaboration, and the human desire of giving back to the environment,” said Omar Alkhaldi, assigned engineer to the TGP Plantation Project. “Our action now will last for generations to come as these factors are merged together and planted into TGP’s ground, and today, very proudly we can see it grow and prosper.” 


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