Corporate Benefit Program

What’s the big deal? ‘Offer’ is a big deal!

Aramco’s Corporate Benefit Program features more than 400 discounts in 12 different categories.

What’s the big deal? ‘Offer’ is a big deal!

At Aramco, Offer is a big deal — a huge deal! Offer is the official Aramco Corporate Benefit Program. But it’s much more than your average benefit program. 


Currently, Offer features more than 400 discounts, with 12 different categories of savings for everyone. Perhaps you are looking to furnish or renovate your home. Maybe you’d like to fix up your car, or even buy a new car. Or, more importantly, you’re taking some time to pamper yourself or your family with weekend activities, new restaurants, or entertainment. Offer has discount savings for all of these things, and all you need to do is show your ID card. 


Offer is more than just a standard corporate discount program — it’s a privilege for all our employees, dependents, and retirees, and a critical part of our Employee Value Proposition (EVP). And Offer is constantly evolving. The company is working every day with our community and businesses to form solid partnerships with one goal: to give you the best deal possible. 


But don’t just take our word for it

Hamad, a supervisor at Aramco, owns multiple vehicles and has to service them regularly. 


“I’m very satisfied with my experience and always find myself browsing through the program’s website for new deals,” says Hamad. 


Hamad uses Offer to receive special discounts on many different types of automotive services. Recently, he saved over SR150 on a service that might have otherwise cost him over SR500. Hamad also saves thousands of riyals across a whole suite of services and annual inspections. 


Ghalia is newly married, and she and her husband recently moved into a new home. Furnishing a home is expensive, as a dependent she was able to take advantage of the unique discounts provided by Offer to save money and receive exceptional service. 


Using the Home Appliances & Design category, Ghalia was able to save up to SR8,600. As a result, she created a luxurious and well-appointed home at a fraction of her expected cost. 


“Every time I enter a store, I’m excited to see what great deals Offer has for me,” says Ghalia. 


Every type of discount for every sort of Aramcon

While Hamad and Ghalia each have their favorite ways to Offer, there are hundreds of different ways to save money. For example, our discount with insurance companies saves more than 30,000 Offer users money on their insurance premiums every year. And in the telecommunications category, 


Offer users have saved approximately SR8 million this year alone by using the exclusive discounts with our partners. 


As part of Aramco’s focus on health and well-being, Offer has put together a whole series of discounts in the health and fitness category. According to one of our partner companies in the sports business, Aramco employees have saved over SR179,000 at their store in 2021 alone. 


A program that puts you at the center

As you can see, Offer is more than just a benefits program — it’s a way to bring happiness and create a positive impact on your well-being and quality of life. We have set a goal to make Aramco the “Best Place to Work.” A key part of achieving that goal is putting our employees at the center of everything we do. You work hard to bring your best to our company every day. Using Offer is just one small way that we can give our best back to you. Why wait? Check out Offer today and start saving!


Visit the Offer website at


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