Safety First

Leading safely by example

Safety leadership workshop celebrates 15 years.

Leading safely by example

As Saudi Aramco embarks on a number of ambitious projects to expand and diversify its business, one thing is certain: the safety of its people and operations remains the primary consideration in everything that it does. 

In line with the Company’s core safety value, it has always taken the stance that a culture of safety excellence can only ever be achieved through visible and effective leadership, which will in turn positively influence employees’ values, decisions, and day-to-day behaviors.

World leaders in safety

With this in mind, Loss Prevention’s Safety Leadership Workshop (SLW) is a key factor towards ensuring that management are adequately equipped with the necessary skills to become world-class safety leaders within their own organizations. 

Tailored to the roles and responsibilities of managers and division heads, this customized workshop is led by LP’s safety subject matter experts and provides actionable tools to enable management to better implement the SMS, and how its expectations apply to specific roles, assets and operations. 

“In a sense, the course is quite personal. Its initial function was to introduce the objectives and structure of the SMS, itself a new concept at the time,” says Jesus Docabo, a Loss Prevention engineer, and one of the workshop’s lead instructors. “Today, the SLW emphasizes the significance of individual leadership style and its impact on the successful implementation of the SMS and creating the safety organizational culture. It is a significant responsibility as accountability for a successful SMS falls on our leaders.” 

Now celebrating its 15th anniversary, this workshop has been delivered to managers and division heads, with three main objectives — equipping attendees with the necessary tools to be effective safety leaders, ensuring proper understanding of the company’s SMS, and maintaining the company’s position as a global safety leader.

 “Our ultimate goal is to maintain our stance as a global leader in safety by ensuring we are focusing on the necessary actions that will drive intended results,” says Ghassan G. Abulfaraj, Chief Loss Prevention Engineer.

“At Saudi Aramco, we consider it vital that leadership remains engaged with the people who define our success. The need for a safe work environment has never been greater, and we believe that this workshop provides the foundation for us to achieve safety excellence through visible and effective leadership, which in turn positively influences our employees’ values, decisions, and day-to-day behaviors.” 

Using a three-day workshop format, LP focuses on safety leadership at a departmental level, assessing organizational safety targets and developing the necessary skills to be an effective safety leader.

Safety in the leadership journey 

Speaking to the importance of the SLW, Aali M. Al Zahrani, vice president, Safety & Industrial Security, notes: “Whether you are at the beginning of your leadership journey, or seeking to build on your existing knowledge – the Safety Leadership Workshop is a must-have in terms of expanding your visible leadership skills to the personnel in your organization. Understanding the basis of why, and how, we do what we do in terms of safety will provide clarity and confidence on your leadership journey.”

Yasser M. Mufti, vice president, Fuels & Lubricants, adds: “Saudi Aramco’s commitment to safety extends beyond compliance or even continuous improvement. Safety is not an off-the-shelf commodity that can simply be implemented and a problem is solved. It is a continuous and never-ending process, and nothing highlights the need for the evaluation of safety and health best practices more than the Safety Leadership Workshop.”

The Safety Leadership Workshop is available to division heads and above, and attendance can be booked through your organization’s training coordinator using BET# 2902-4003. 


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