Looking back on a year of achievement

A year of achievement

Looking back on a year of achievement

Over the past 12 months Aramco has continued its efforts in supporting the Kingdom toward its ambitious vision for the future. 

The company remains a long-standing and reliable supplier of energy to the world. In industry and research, the company has continued the process of development and innovation with unrelenting determination and ambition. As for its employees, they are the epitome of discipline and talent – demonstrated through the growing number of annual patents registered by our employees in various fields. In information technology and artificial intelligence, the company remains determined to remain at the cutting edge.

Aramco also continued its efforts and initiatives to support localization and small enterprises from the far south to the far north. Our employees have excelled in all fields, and our departments have won local and international awards. And front and center of our operations and initiatives is care for the environment and sustainability.

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