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Your Voice: Are you prepared for this technological revolution?

The acceleration of technology touches every part of our lives, from the workplace to our homes to the fiber of our very being.

Your Voice: Are you prepared for this technological revolution?

The technological transformation that we are witnessing around us today is going to change our pace of life in a drastic way. Hyperloop, driverless vehicles, 3-D printing, 5G, remote surgery, artificial intelligence (AI), and the Internet of Things, etc. — just to mention a few. People can’t resist these revolutions anymore because of its common inherent unique characteristics such as speed, convenience, accuracy, cost-effectiveness, and expertise. 


Although, there are negative outcomes too. The technological revolution is going to consume a substantial portion of currently available conventional jobs. Many who are currently employed and who aren’t accustomed to emerging technology are going to see their jobs become redundant soon. The industry will prefer an officer with program knowledge, or an auditor with an AI application to detect errors in the account books. 


Is our current education system relevant? Most students dislike mathematics and English (non-English speaking students). However, students must attain expertise in mathematics and English from elementary school through higher education, together with various applications of computer knowledge, because English, calculations, and software will be everywhere. Then, and only then, can they take up the career challenges of tomorrow.


Centuries old premium Swiss watches are facing stiff competition with Smart watches these days, as watches, over the years, evolved from just a device for checking time to many other things, ranging from health to entertainment. If we are inflexible to changes, we will not have a prosperous future. Today’s hi-tech gadgets are tomorrow’s obsolete things. 


The oil and gas industry is not immune to impending challenges posed by technology. We have to tackle multiple problems right from the production of petroleum products to its distribution to the end user. The world is preparing fast to live with renewable energy. We recently heard that with storage space evaporating, the oil and gas industry will get to put its products back underground. Nobody can predict the future of the hydrocarbon business.


Multibillion dollar NEOM, a vision of new future, is all set to become a global role model for future sustainability and a functional example of how Saudi Arabia marches ahead of others.


Definitely, our livelihood is essential. Countries and governments should take care of less privileged people and their livelihood, too, as technology brings opportunities together with a set of challenges. This is the time we should be formulating policies and programs exclusively for people who are going to lose their jobs and children who are going to face new challenges in their lives. The most urgent question is, “How prepared are we?” 


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