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Learn how to learn at Ithra’s “Learning Beyond” conference

Designed for educators, creators, developers, and parents, the event will feature talks, workshops, and sessions about “Learning How to Learn.”

Learn how to learn at Ithra’s “Learning Beyond” conference

The King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture (Ithra) is excited to announce further details on next month’s “Learning Beyond 2021” conference, a platform highlighting the best practices in learning held under the theme “Learning How to Learn.” 


The program is designed to prepare the Kingdom for the future by taking a creative approach to learning and by emphasizing cross-cultural engagement. Striving to harness innovative, accessible, and diverse resources to empower and support the attendees of different backgrounds by delivering a tangible impact on their human development, the conference will encompass a range of talks, workshops and other activities over two days, Sept. 10 and 11.


Ithra is collaborating with leading organizations and experts from Saudi Arabia and the rest of the world to present the two-day conference. 


Working together to achieve our ‘learning’ goals

Ithra strives to strengthen partnerships with entities with whom we have shared goals. The Center presents “Learning Beyond” in collaboration with local and international organizations: Saudi Aramco as a strategic partner, as well as other parties including Dhahran Ahliyya Schools, the Mawhiba Organization, and the Numou Education Center, in addition to several international specialists and experts.


Learning Beyond provides a platform where individuals can come together to indulge in new learning experiences. It helps you turn every opportunity into a learning opportunity.
— Nourh A. Al-Zamil, Ithra’s head of Learning

“Attendees will benefit from the conference’s range of experiences that emphasize an innovative approach to learning, as well as the concept of lifelong learning,” said Al-Zamil. 


The program is designed for educators, content creators and developers, as well as parents, and it features talks, workshops, panel discussions, learning experiences, networking opportunities, and more. 


In addition to specialized sessions for these audiences, the Learning Beyond agenda includes items that will appeal to all attendees. Education reformer and social entrepreneur Kiran Sethi will deliver the keynote address, titled “Human by Chance, Human by Design.” The second day keynote speaker includes a talk by A.J. Juliani, bestselling author of education books and the head of Learning and Growth at NextLesson, and a facilitator for the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education. 


Unconventional classrooms, creativity, technology, and more

Attendees can also look forward to a design for change panel discussion and insight on unconventional classrooms, fostering creativity, technology experiences, and the power of EQ in the learning environment. Other sessions with broad appeal include experimental play, engaging through art, the philosophical child, and digital well-being. 


Focused on professional engagements and skill building exercises, the program encourages a positive, tangible impact focused on sustainable growth. It offers ideas for content developers to communicate more creatively to attendees, unlocking new forms of learning to herald a new environment of creative learning within the Kingdom. 


The Learning Beyond conference will be conducted in Arabic and English. Participants can register directly through Ithra’s website at https://www.ithra.com/en/learning-beyond.


For more information on Ithra and its programs, visit https://www.ithra.com/en/.


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