Ithra Summer Camp

Ithra’s Summer Camp opens up new worlds to youngsters

Earth and space, music and planets in new colors as youth explore the worlds of science and art.

 Ithra’s Summer Camp opens up new worlds to youngsters

Until recently, Saudi music lovers used to roam several countries to find music schools of international colors.


However, social transformations have turned things upside down, and music in Saudi Arabia started receiving a lot of attention through international schools, academies, institutes, and cultural centers. 


Similarly, the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture (Ithra) provided in its summer camp, and through its “Music beyond the Sky” track, intensive training for children on the different types of music and different sounds found in space to develop melodies and embody them in a musical performance. The children also learned the basics of music through musical compositions. 


Learning music as a young age

When we stand in front of an 8-year-old female guitarist at Ithra’s summer camp, we are the audience of a talented girl who has mastered the process of harmony in musical instruments. Since she was 3-years-old, the young girl was always clapping to the beat and rhythm of the music she heard, until she picked up a guitar, and started playing, which then became her favorite game. 


As she grew older and entered school, the music lessons she received allowed her to understand the different sounds of musical instruments and the ways to use them. This led her to continue learning music and focus on rhythm and melody, trying to reach the goal for which she joined the summer camp — presenting a piece of music that delights the ears of those around her.


Exploring the galaxy

In another side of the camp, “The Planetary Guide,” the limits of research and discovery did not stop at just getting to know galaxies, the solar system, planets and stars, but there were many interactive activities for everything related to space. 


The campers were trained to draw galaxies and planets in scientific ways, using multiple colors that carry a lot of vibrant meanings. Campers also learned about the Milky Way galaxy using colors such as blue, pink, and violet, through a scientific artwork called “The Universe in a Jar.” 


The campers flew through the path of the “Space Agent” with the crew of a spaceship that launched to Mars, where they took on the role of astronauts, developing strategic plans to launch and discover the environment of the Red Planet to search for life. 


The “Space Agent” track expanded the campers’ awareness of the skill of residing and settling in space, and exploring and building a concept about different space environments through multiple scientific and interactive activities that contributed to refine their talents and ignite their passion.


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