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Aramco subsidiary ARLANXEO solution earns top marks globally for sustainability

Company’s TECHSYN technology ranks No. 1 in the European Rubber Journal Top 10 Elastomers for Sustainability 2021.

Aramco subsidiary ARLANXEO solution earns top marks globally for sustainability

A jury of experts in the field of polymer science and technology has ranked Aramco subsidiary ARLANXEO first in European Rubber Journal’s Top 10 Elastomers for Sustainability (E4S), for the project TECHSYN, which is a new tire technology platform combining chemically optimized synthetic rubbers from ARLANXEO with tailor-made silica from Solvay and improved mixing technology from Bridgestone.


TECHSYN enables improved fuel economy and tire wear properties at the same time, with no other performance trade-offs. As a result, tires made with TECHSYN:


•  Contribute to reduced CO2 emissions while enhancing tread mileage, 

•  Benefit from up to 30% better wear efficiency and a rolling resistance that is reduced by up to 6% (compared to other conventional Bridgestone EMIA Summer products). 


Thanks to ARLANXEO’s expertise in developing, manufacturing, and delivering novel tire polymers, Solvay’s unique and custom-designed advanced silica materials and Bridgestone’s compound technology, TECHSYN makes a significant contribution to improving environmental aspects.


Designing and delivering sustainable solutions is Aramco’s commitment and corporate promise. Within this context, ARLANXEO strives to further improve the innovative, thus sustainable footprint of its products. 


Upon the announcement of this success, ARLANXEO CEO Donald Chen underlined, “This technology makes a significant contribution to improving environmental aspects, which is at the heart of the shared vision for sustainable product solutions held by the three companies that made it all happen.”


Herman Dikland, ARLANXEO chief technology officer also, noted the company and its two partners were able to fast-track the development of TECHSYN in just 24 months, even during the COVID-19 pandemic.  


TECHSYN was made possible thanks to the unique cooperation and understanding between the three companies, three leading companies in their industry, three distinct and cross-functional teams based in different parts of the world, three ways of working, under a common goal and vision, with mutual trust and dedication.
— Herman Dikland


In addition, ARLANXEO Keltan® Eco ranked Top 10 E4S twice in a row for both 2020 and 2021, further evidence of ARLANXEO’s remarkable achievement in our innovative sustainable product solutions. 


For more information about the ERJ Top 10 Elastomers for Sustainability, click here.


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