Dhahran Community, serving residents for more than 80 years

The Dhahran community offers an array of lifestyle options to ensure employees and their dependents are afforded a modern lifestyle

Dhahran Community, serving residents for more than 80 years

Living “on camp,” as locals put it, is a rewarding and memorable experience. From backyard BBQs and early morning swims to games of tennis and tee times on the golf course, anyone who has lived in an Aramco community shares an extraordinary bond that comes from working and socializing together.

80 plus years of experience

For over 80 years, Aramco has supported a vibrant lifestyle for families from all over the world in its unique, safe, and secure communities. From schools and recreation to dining and supermarket shopping, Aramco’s goal has been to generate a sense of community for all, regardless of age or interest. The bedrock of this fantastic experience has been the high quality living standards Aramco has provided for its workforce. 

The largest community is Dhahran, which, since it was first constructed in the 1940s, has grown substantially and now accommodates around 13,000 residents. This growth has been matched by Aramco’s commitment to continually enhance the infrastructure and leisure facilities enjoyed by employees. 

Aramco has decades of experience to draw upon to make “on camp” living a safe, comfortable, and pleasurable experience. Residents can rest assured that their maintenance requests will be handled promptly and effectively. Requests are easily created by calling the 24-hour Community Services Customer Care Calling Center, which has achieved call-handling benchmarks, which exceed international standards. Furthermore, the Dhahran Maintenance Division recently won the company’s Maintenance & Reliability award. 

A modern lifestyle

Today, the Dhahran community is well equipped to deliver a modern and comfortable lifestyle for employees and their families. Children benefit from the first-class education facilities provided by Saudi Aramco Expat Schools and can have fun at the many play parks dotted around the community. 

There are numerous sports facilities within the community, including swimming pools, gyms, tennis and squash courts, baseball fields, soccer and cricket pitches, and a magnificent 18-hole golf course available all year round. Residents can enjoy pleasant walks among the beautifully landscaped green spaces, enjoy picnics at the duck pond, or explore the recently introduced hiking trail. 

The shopping needs of residents are met by two large supermarkets and two mini-markets, complemented by other services such as the mail center, laundry service, barbershop, pharmacy, beauty salon, sports shop, florist, and gift shop. Dining needs are served by six restaurants, in addition to several concession food outlets, snack bars, and coffee shops.

Aramco also enables employees and their families to pursue their own hobbies and leisure interests. Resources are provided to support over 50 employee-run self-directed groups, from book clubs and quilt making to musical shows and cricket clubs. Moreover, Aramco encourages community involvement in environmental issues through the well-established recycling program and hosting of energy and water conservation awareness events.

“Not only is the Dhahran community safe and secure, but the beautiful landscape also provides an enjoyable place to live, surrounded by friends and family that all share the same unique experience of being ‘Aramcons’ together,” says Loay M. Maddah, administrator of the Dhahran Residential Services Division.

Leaping ahead 

Looking forward, in mid-2021, Community Services will be inaugurating additional new recreation facilities at Jebel Heights, including sports fields, exercise gyms, a swimming pool, supermarket, and a community center. 

Further ahead, more infrastructure improvements are planned, and the Smart City Program will harness technology to deliver even better customer-focused services. These new steps will ensure Aramco communities are fit for the future, providing a high quality lifestyle to all its residents for many years to come.


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