Chandresh Verma retirement

Chandresh Verma, a drilling engineering specialist in the Workover Engineering Department, is retiring after more than 15 years of service.

Chandresh Verma retirement

Chandresh Verma, a drilling engineering specialist in the Workover Engineering Department, after more than 15 years of service in Aramco, will see his last working day with the company on July 31. 

Verma joined Aramco in 2006 in Drilling & Workover (D&WO), with 22 years of prior experience in onshore and offshore oil field operations, engineering, and contract. He worked in Aramco operations and engineering across various fields, including Qatif, Manifa, Midyan, Berri, Shaybah, Haradh, as well as Abu Hadriyah, Fadhili and Khursaniyah. Due to excellent project stewardship throughout, Verma was elevated to the position of a drilling engineering supervisor. He was one of the pioneer members of the first Lump Sum Turn Key (LSTK) projects in D&WO. 

Verma has a number of accomplishments from his tenure as lead engineer, including successful delivery of a 13-lateral open hole fishbone type well in the Shaybah field, the first of its size in Aramco and in the entire Middle East. He represented D&WO as a member for the Manara joint venture development between Aramco and Schlumberger, from various trial phases until successful final installation. He was also involved in trial phases and successful execution of intelligent completion systems in the Shaybah field. In addition, Verma is a coauthor of many papers for the Society of Petroleum Engineers. His accomplishments have been recognized with an award from the vice president of D&WO. 

Leaving India to come to Saudi Arabia was a difficult decision to make, but Verma and his wife Mamta say that Aramco cared for their family from the moment they landed at the airport, through settling into housing, and onward into orientation. The Vermas describe Aramco to their friends and family members as “the company that cares.” 

The Vermas have been active social members in the Aramco community. Among his hobbies, Verma was a dedicated Badminton player. Verma’s two daughters, Nehel and Moushami, studied in Aramco schools and did their university education in the U.S. and the U.K. 

The Verma family have thoroughly enjoyed their time in Saudi Arabia and are thankful to have been part of the esteemed organization, Aramco. They wish for success to all members of the Aramco community and the company. 

Caption: From left, Chandresh; his wife Mamta; elder daughter, Nehel; younger daughter, Moushami.

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