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Your Voice: Good communication the key to effective teamwork

Listen carefully, ask questions, define expectations, and let people express their opinions.

Your Voice: Good communication the key to effective teamwork

Professionally conducting business at work for the benefit of the company requires effective, productive, and harmonious interpersonal communication skills.


Four points

Interacting well with people in your team and other employees is important. One of the key points to achieve the best possible outcome in conducting teamwork is that you need to clearly describe the scope and objective for each part of the project. 


Each team member will clearly understand his or her specific tasks, time frame, and expectations if you ask them to clarify their tasks. Second, give everyone a chance to say their opinion clearly about their specific tasks. Third, interact with an open mind with every team member. Fourth, get the best possible results and deliver accurate work on time. This will make you a pleasant person to work with, which will help your career.


If any issue appears, clearly and politely provide win-win solutions. When you disagree with a team member — who might be very pleased with himself or herself — cool-down and always avoid or minimize unnecessary arguments because you are a professional. Work hard on tasks that benefit the company, which will also help your career.


Listen carefully

It is scientifically proven that fostering effective, polite, and clear communication makes people comfortable. An additional important point is that two-way communication also means being an attentive listener. Listen carefully to what people say and only ask questions after the speaker is finished. Good communication between a speaker and a listener is anchored in courtesy.


Ask questions

It is true that a listener cannot be 100% concentrated on a speaker, so the listener should ask the speaker, who is an expert in his or her field, to clarify understanding about key points in a talk. Also, it professionally avoids confusion and shows you understand exactly the message the speaker would like to deliver.


By improving your soft skills on a day-to-day basis, whether at work or at home, and accommodating your ideas for the benefit of the company, you will build trust, respect, and openness between you and other people. Also, by clearly, effectively, and properly communicating specific tasks, everybody will know exactly what is required of him or her to deliver accurate results within the time frame for the benefit of the company.



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