Women’s Empowerment

Aramco Team Series reinforces women’s empowerment

Four-part series on the Ladies European Tour has attracted the world’s top golfers.

Aramco Team Series reinforces women’s empowerment

By sponsoring the first-ever Aramco Team Series (ATS), the company is showing its commitment to female empowerment, here and abroad, and in the workplace as well as in sports.


This four-part series, which will be a new feature in the Ladies European Tour, has attracted the world’s top female golfers to play in an innovative team format — in which an amateur could sink the winning putt. While the series’ total $4 million prize pot has made headlines, Aramco’s message of female empowerment has also been gaining global attention.


Aramco’s prime motivation for sponsoring this series is to promote female empowerment and encourage more women, wherever they live, to take up golf. After all, the sport of golf has long been recognized as helping its players lead a healthy, balanced life.  

Elevating the discourse

Aramco’s support for golf and female empowerment goes back to the 1940s. We have built golf courses in Saudi Arabia and encouraged both male and female staff members, and their families, to play. In business, through academic sponsorship, particularly in the crucial subjects of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM), we have also developed a female-positive recruitment policy, encouraging women to seek out employment and providing leadership training. 


The ATS helps us to further these ambitions toward wider female empowerment, by opening up golf to a larger audience and elevating the discourse in communities about the role of women today — and in the future. The prize money also helps close the gap in golf between male and female earning capacity. 


Building a better future

At Aramco, success is something we see being achieved through personal development — either through sports or a knowledge of STEAM subjects. We also put these principles to work at the workplace, pioneering research for a more sustainable future. 


Our research strives to tackle the toughest issues of our age, reducing emissions from the oil and gas value chain, and building on our record of already having one of the lowest upstream carbon intensities in our industry. 


For instance, one project targets the development of a carbon capture system for commercial trucks, which has the potential to reduce their CO2 emissions. We are also looking at expanding this carbon capture system to ships. In addition, as an industry leader in terms of new patents, Aramco is helping lay the groundwork for new forms of low carbon energy, such as hydrogen. And our female scientists play a crucial role in these endeavors. 


These are just some of the breakthroughs that exemplify our contribution toward a more sustainable and equitable world. Positive efforts to boost our economies and protect our environment go hand-in-hand with a golf series that shows our commitment to supporting the advancement of women worldwide.


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