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Your Voice: A search for successful solutions as we swim to safe shores

As we rejoice in our return, let’s not forget the lessons we have learned over the pandemic.

Your Voice: A search for successful solutions as we swim to safe shores

We are still going through multiple stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, trying to overcome it and swim to the shore of safety. Each stage requires a method — a deliberate plan with alternatives, and a commitment to abide by the instructions and guidance of the government.


The Ministry of Health and the Ministry of the Interior, among others, have raised the level of awareness, guiding and educating us, and providing health and food security. Subsequently, we still have not passed the stage of danger, as we begin to return cautiously after experiencing lockdowns and curfews. Each stage carries difficulties, requirements, and concessions for the sake of security for all. We are all responsible, and can make a difference.


What are we doing as individuals? The most important thing we have learned is that the coronavirus is spread by people in close contact with each other. Coughing, sneezing, and talking can spread droplets containing the virus. We all love communication, meetings, and gatherings, but we have had to replace them with new behaviors and habits, e.g., wearing masks and social distancing. 


The phase of lifting the ban completely without restrictions has begun, and life is gradually beginning to return to normal. This is a happy thing, but do not let us forget what we have learned — return with caution and adhere to all health precautions. We should not go out unless it is absolutely necessary.


Many of us benefited from sitting at home and rediscovering ourselves. Latent talent swelled as we practiced hobbies that we missed. Family relations were strengthened. Let us be positive, cooperate, and be optimistic. Every day we look at the official statistics of those infected with this dreaded virus. We are saddened to find the numbers in some areas are high, but we also need to ignore false rumors and draw information from the official government sources. We should also not neglect the other side of the statistics: the number of recoveries.


Aramco has interacted a lot with government agencies, supporting and contributing to raising awareness among its employees, contractors, and their families. We return to the country with caution. Let’s be appreciative of the current situation ... and stay safe.



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