Valuable 500

Aramco strengthens stand on disability, inclusion as part of WEF’s Valuable 500 Network

Global movement touches on business, social, and economic values for people living with disabilities.

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Aramco’s commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (D&I) has always been a corporate priority. As of last year, further efforts have been put in place to ensure that People with Disabilities (PwD) have a presence in the company.


One of the biggest milestones to happen this year is Aramco joining “The Valuable 500” — a global movement including 500 of the most influential business leaders to focus on systematic change — touching on business, social, and economic values for people living with disabilities around the world.


Putting disability on the agenda

The Valuable 500 is a unique movement that puts disability on the business leadership agenda. As a World Economic Forum initiative, 500 CEOs around the world have all agreed to set disability and inclusion on their business agendas, to recognize the value and worth of 1.3 billion people globally living with a disability. This sits at the top of Aramco’s operations, as the company is committed to adding comprehensive corporate diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies to place disability inclusion as one of its core values in business leadership.


“We fully recognize the talent, potential, and benefit that people with disabilities bring to our company, and the Kingdom at large. By continuing to celebrate the diversity of our employees, we make Aramco a more inclusive place for all,” said Nabil K. Al-Dabal, vice president of Human Resources.


Earlier this year, the company became a member of the business disability forum, a partnership with a disability network around the world that helps businesses create a disability smart world. Aramco also acknowledged the International Day of People with Disabilities last year.


Our commitment is serious, and aligns with our ambition to become a role model for D&I in the Kingdom and beyond.
— Halah T. Albetairi, administrator of Aramco’s Diversity and Inclusion Division of Human Resources

Steps toward inclusion

Aramco strives to empower all of its employees to perform at their full potential, and ensure that equitable access to opportunities are met, for them to grow and succeed at the company. A diverse, equitable, and inclusive workforce and leadership is important to ensuring a sustainable business.


Several significant efforts are currently taking place within the company, such as providing workshops and webinars to provide opportunities for all employees to promote and discuss inclusion for PwD, including:


• A “Reasonable Accommodations” webinar, which provides a basic understanding of the term and educates leaders about different types of accommodations in the workplace


• A “Barriers to PwD Inclusion” webinar, which helps participants understand what an inclusion barrier is and how these barriers prevent PwD from being included in communities and businesses.


Aramco is also intensifying its efforts on hiring — D&I is part of the way that the company does business moving forward.


“To have our president and CEO, Amin Nasser, sign this pledge proves that our commitment is serious, and aligns with our ambition to become a role model for D&I in the Kingdom and beyond,” said Halah T. Albetairi, administrator of the D&I Division of Human Resources.


These efforts underline the company’s strategic priority of being the “Best place to work,” while attracting diverse top talent. Aramco plans to work toward creating an inclusive environment that promotes diversity and allows everyone to thrive.

Significant commitment

The following goals will be measured and reported on as disability performance to the board of directors:


• Investing in infrastructure and facilities to ensure equitable access, and making appropriate accommodation for people with disabilities through the recruitment process 


• Intensifying recruitment efforts, improving policies, and joining networks that will start the conversation and raise more awareness on D&I within the company and its employees


• Building internal employee networks, in addition to resource groups, to support employees with disabilities as a step in the right direction.


Amin Nasser, Saudi Aramco president and CEO, and senior management take disability inclusion seriously. During the CEO’s Excellence Awards ceremony earlier this month, one of the emcees was Wael Al Omari, who represented the company’s employees with disabilities during the prestigious event — yet more evidence of Aramco’s commitment to such an important agenda.


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