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Aramco’s FS&D Business Academy launches inaugural mergers and acquisitions program

Over 100 candidates join first cohort in program for M&A certification.

Aramco’s FS&D Business Academy launches inaugural mergers and acquisitions program

As part of its newly established Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Program, the Finance Strategy and Development (FS&D) Business Academy earlier this month held two separate online onboarding sessions as part of an inaugural program launch to welcome more than 100 candidates.


The M&A Program certification courses are conducted by the Institute of Mergers and Acquisitions Alliance (IMAA), a leading provider of internationally recognized M&A certifications. 


Reflecting on the partnership with Aramco, professor Christopher Kummer, president of IMAA, noted: “Aramco’s initiative to invest in its employees for future acquisitions is a smart choice. This preparation is an important cornerstone to ensure both personal growth and transactions success. As the global leader in M&A best practices, IMAA is excited to partner with Aramco and offer these M&A learning resources.”


Five specialized certificates

Among its offerings, IMAA provides training in five specialized certificates, including: International Mergers and Acquisitions Expert; Mergers and Acquisitions Professional; Certified Post-Merger Integration Specialist; Legal Mergers and Acquisitions Expert; and Human Resources Mergers and Acquisitions Specialist. Candidates have access to multiple online modules, including: M&A Essentials; Due Diligence; Finance and Valuation; Function Integration; Integration Management and Synergies; Change and Culture Management; and Commercial, Contracts and Labor Law.


For more information about the M&A Program, please visit our website: http://fsdba.aramco.com.sa. You can also email fsdba@aramco.com, or call (013) 873-6735.


A unique learning experience

Nawaf K. Al-Dabal, assistant treasurer of Aramco, welcomed candidates to the launch, highlighting the importance of keeping candidates’ skills up-to-date and relevant during their M&A journey. “Each transaction is different, and therefore provides a unique learning experience,” Al-Dabal said. 


Understanding key value drivers and their tradability are among the most important ingredients to a successful transaction.
— Nawaf K. Al-Dabal


“The deal team should have the right balance of character and soft skills to align all stakeholders, state professional opinions based on thorough factual analysis, and nurture a collaborative culture to deliver sustainable value to the company,” he added.


A great start, says program lead

Alseny Bah, an accounting staff specialist in the Capital Markets and Financing Department and the M&A Program lead, said, “This is a great start and we look forward to offering more content with our banking partners and leading universities to further engage our prospective deal leads across the company.” 


After attending the onboarding session, Khalid M. Al Ghimlas, a business development analyst with Corporate Development, said, “I have never seen a program that offers such practical knowledge in the M&A area before. The flexibility offered by the online self-study platform accommodates my busy schedule.”


A competitive advantage

Aspiring candidate Ammar A. Zaatari, a Downstream senior marketing manager, said, “The modular approach to the program will provide me with the right set of tools and knowledge to identify and pursue growth opportunities that will help the company gain a competitive advantage in my specific area of the business.”


Al-Dabal concluded his remarks at the launch by saying, “Our partnership with world-class providers will offer multiple simulations and case studies to support employees in getting exposure to various aspects of M&A transactions. We encourage candidates to complete the certification and apply these new skills to their projects.”


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