Memory Lane

Memory Lane: Looking back at elections, awards, inaugurations, and a chance to win prizes

Sixty years ago, both Aramco and Tapline held elections in New York for the two companies’ top leadership.

Memory Lane: Looking back at elections, awards, inaugurations, and a chance to win prizes

Here is a look back at some of the most important and most interesting articles published in The Arabian Sun over the history of the company.


June 13, 1951


Elections involving top officials of the Arabian American Oil Company and the Trans-Arabian Pipeline Co. were announced in New York on June 7.


W.S.S. Rodgers was named Chairman of the Board of Arabian American, succeeding H.D. Collier, who remains as a Director of the Company.


R.G. Follis was named Chairman of the Board for Trans-Arabian Pipeline, and W.F. Moore, President of Aramco, was elected to the Tapline Board and also named a member of that Company's executive committee.

June 23, 1971


Word has been received from New York of the recognition by professional art circles in the United States of the quality of the graphics carried in Aramco World Magazine.


Cited in particular were two two-page spreads appearing in the My-June 1970 issue of that publication, which was devoted entirely to the subject of the Crusades.


For its 1971 Annual Award Show, the Society of Publication Designers selected the photo spreads on pages 12 and 13, which opened the article on the Krak des Chevaliers for an Award of Excellence, and the original art on pages 10 and 11, which illustrated a general survey of the Crusades for an Award of Merit.


June 18, 1986


With the first feed of acid gas piped into the new facility on May 27, the Ras Tanura Refinery sulfur plant began operation — its dual purpose to recover salable sulfur from hydrogen sulfide-rich acid gas previously flared at the refinery and to reduce atmospheric pollution by eliminating high sulfur emission levels in accordance with Meteorology and Environmental Protection Administration standards.


Construction of the plant began in late 1984 under the auspices of the Ras Tanura Refinery Modernization Projects Department, and mechanical completion was achieved this May.


The plant, which incorporates modified surplus equipment from Berri, has the capacity to produce 300 metric tons of sulfur per day.


June 6, 2001


Arabian Sun readers take note: Prizes may await you each month for correctly answering the question that appears each new issue. Question 1 for June appears today.


Save your Suns for June so you can answer questions relating to stories published this month. Along with a question, each issue of the Sun will contain a coupon on which to answer that question. Four questions will be printed relating to stories this month.


If you answer all the questions correctly for any given month, you will be eligible for one SR3,000 prize, one SR2,000 prize, or one of five SR1,000 prizes that month.


Question 1 is: Ju'aymah Gas Plant recently completed the test and inspection of one of its propane storage tanks in a record time of just two months. What is the height, diameter, and capacity of the tank?


TOP PHOTO CAPTION: Mohammad al-Mehmadi and Abdullah Nasser al-Ghamdi, control room operators, monitor the daily operation of the Ras Tanura Refinery sulfur plant. The plant came on line in May of 1986.


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