Supporting Livelihoods

Sample some of the Kingdom’s rich gifts at Pop-Up centers

Aramco launches CitizenShop Campaign across communities in the Eastern Province.

Sample some of the Kingdom’s rich gifts at Pop-Up centers

In Dhahran’s al-Mujamma’ center and community centers around the Eastern Province (Dhahran, Ras Tanura, and Abqaiq), Aramcons can sample some of the products from a number of micro-industry ventures supported by Aramco. 


From the famous Taif Rose body care products from “Roseyar” to the honey and coffee products of Jazan, these products show the impact of Aramco’s investments in small businesses that have a potential economic impact on local communities. By helping provide the necessary tools for self-sustaining and prosperous communities, promoting knowledge and inspiring innovation, we can build better, sustainable communities together.


The Pop-up Campaign, which runs through June 29, is intended to provide platforms for showcasing local products that draw on the Kingdom’s rich natural resources, and that accelerate human potential and enable better lives. 


“We at Aramco are proud of the impact we can have on communities in the Kingdom, promoting sustainable livelihoods and economic improvement,” said Nabeel A. Al-Jama’, senior vice president of Human Resources and Corporate Services. 


By promoting knowledge and inspiring innovation, we are aligning our efforts with Saudi Vision 2030 to build a thriving economy, and helping individuals and entrepreneurs to take the next leap forward.
— Nabeel A. Al-Jama’


Al-Taif rose products 

Aramco’s citizenship projects have leveraged al-Taif’s famed rose products industry to enable communities to create a sustainable commercial ecosystem, which drives local economic growth and creates jobs. 


Located at the Roseyar Factory, the project strives to help 40 underprivileged women to find employment while producing high-end skin care products from al-Taif roses. Aramco helped Roseyar to achieve ISO 9001 certification as well as approval by the Saudi Food and Drugs Authority, and to increase production capacity to 100,000 units per year.  



With the Coffee Plantation and Production project, Aramco helped to improve Jazan’s traditional coffee industry to positively impact the Kingdom’s economy. The project trains local farmers in the latest coffee farming and irrigation methods to increase the production and the quality of locally grown Kholani Coffee beans, thereby creating sustainable incomes for farmers.


Piloted in Jazan, the project has expanded to include 970 farmers in the Jazan and Asir regions, producing 812 tons of specialty beans per year. More than 203,000 seedlings were planted as part of the program, and the Ministry of Environment provided irrigation systems to all farms in the program. 


Honey industry

This initiative supports the production of high-quality honey, protecting the role of local bee species in the ecosystem of the al-Baha region. In addition, the project delivers resources and skills training to make beekeeping and honey production in the al-Baha region sustainable.


Established in al-Baha in 2016, and expanded to cover al-Taif and Asir, this program includes around 1,500 beekeepers, of which, 50 are women. Centered around the first Honey Research Center to ensure honey quality, the program helps beekeepers to market their products, which now include beeswax, propolis, royal jelly, and pollen. A Honey Museum and marketing center will be inaugurated in the fourth quarter of 2021 to showcase the honey journey. 



Nabeel A. Al-Jama’, senior vice president of Human Resources and Corporate Services visited the CitizenShop Pop-up booths in Dhahran’s al-Mujamma’ center. The Pop-up booths feature honey, coffee, and rose products produced with technical and financial support from Aramco’s Corporate Citizenship Division.





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