Summer Camp

Ithra announces the launch of its Summer Camp

Fourth summer session features a theme of “The Universe ... Beyond the Skies.”

Ithra announces the launch of its Summer Camp

The King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture (Ithra) launched its fourth summer camp program under the theme “The Universe ... Beyond the Skies,” for boys and girls from the ages of four- to 12-years-old through six different tracks. The camp, which began June 7 and runs until Aug. 26, provides 496 participants a series of workshops and fun interactive activities in the fields of engineering, technology, mathematics and art in Arabic and English. 


The program strives to ignite participants’ curiosity, encourage them to ask questions, and inspire them to develop their passions and personal skills — such as planning, problem solving, critical thinking, and self-discovery — to become future astronauts or scientists in various fields. 

The tracks designed for four to 6-year-olds include the “Planetary Guide” track. Participants will learn about galaxies, the solar system, planets and stars, and everything surrounding space. While the “Space Treasures” track focuses on the solar system’s resources and the environmental challenges related to space and the sustainability of life in it.


Seven- to 9-year-olds will be engaged in the “Mission to Mars” track to prepare an action plan that will help them learn about the environment of Mars and how to build a spacecraft. In addition, participants will learn about space sounds and their types through the “Music Beyond the Sky” track. 


The “Among the Stars” track for 10- to 12-year-olds allows participants to prepare and present an integrated play created from their imaginations. In contrast, the “Space Agent” track enables them to role-play as astronauts, as well as develop many strategic plans to discover planetary environments.


The participants in the summer camp will also have a chance to visit Ithra’s interactive exhibition “Pioneers of the Planet,” which runs from June 4 through Oct. 31. The exhibition introduces the experience of living on another planet and how to preserve the primary resources of water, energy, and oxygen, using modern science and technology.


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