Hands On Safety

Aramco opens front line simulator training academy

Northern Area gets hands-on with safety.

Aramco opens front line simulator training academy

Robust training is key to managing the distinct safety risks inherent to working on the front line of the oil and gas industry.


Aramco’s Northern Area Oil Operations (NAOO) organization received a safety boost last month when the Safaniyah Onshore Producing Department (SONPD) opened the Safaniyah Academy for Elimination of Risks (SAFER).


Keeping Aramco family safe

Every year SONPD hosts a multitude of young and energetic new hires, and all are placed within one of the area’s operational facilities.


“After completing their operations training, our newest members of the Aramco family are placed on any of our onshore and offshore gas-oil separation plants, platforms, wells, crude handling facilities, or water injection and stabilisation facilities,” said Nader M. Al Saad, superintendent of the Safaniyah Producing Operations Division. 



They aspire to a life-long career with Aramco, and our priority to keep each of them safe. Through an artificial environment of multiple simulators, our new academy provides hands-on training with real-life equipment, preparing them for the risks involved in hydrocarbon operations.
— Nader M. Al Saad


Systems, equipment, hardware 

Inside the academy — remodeled from the former Safaniyah Industrial Training Center building — is a line-up of actual systems, equipment, and hardware.


The range includes fire alarm systems, emergency sirens, fire hoses, gas testing devices, relief valves, sampling operations, fire water pumps, lock-out/tag-out devices, a battery room and uninterruptible power supply, personal protective equipment, arc flash equipment, plant excavations, and hydrocarbon equipment and hardware such as pumps, pipes, vessels, and compressors. 


To enhance the learning environment, training curricula are engaging, and a keepsake booklet helps to provide a lasting experience.


Classrooms equipped with audio and visual media accommodate no more than nine employees at a time to maximize trainer-student communication, dynamic interaction, and active participation. 


600 employees test academy

To analyse SAFER’s efficacy, the program was tested on more than 600 SONPD employees, with safety coordinators analyzing safety statistics before and after the simulated training. 


Mansour F. Al-Dossary, manager of the SONPD, said the data analysis showed improved employee compliance with leading safety indicators such as incident reporting, improved behavioral safety observations, and better near miss reporting.


Spreading the knowledge

NAOO is committed to developing risk elimination e-learning as part of its safety culture.


Nader said SAFER was like, “Vaccinating the maximum number of employees with safety-thought injections.” 


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