Driving Diversity

Aramco’s diversity efforts reflected across the breadth of our business

Safety and Industrial Security promotes diversity, women’s empowerment with latest batch of hires.

Aramco’s diversity efforts reflected across the breadth of our business

In line with women’s empowerment under Saudi Vision 2030, further diversity and inclusion efforts have recently been implemented at Aramco, regarded as a pioneer toward this commitment.


Safety and Industrial Security (S&IS) has always been known for traditional male positions such as firefighters and security officers, who provide safety and security while saving lives and protecting assets.


In 2019, S&IS implemented directives to increase female hiring in administrative and technical jobs. Mandated by the vice president of S&IS, Aali M. Al Zahrani, the journey began in 2020 with a recruitment team chaired by the manager of the Fire Protection Department (FrPD), Albadr M. Jannah. A total of 79 females were recruited for technical field jobs, including security officers, emergency dispatchers, and fire inspectors.


Important step

“I’m excited, proud, and happy for S&IS to be making such an important and serious step toward empowering females in a male dominant field. We are confident in our decision and its future success,” Al Zahrani said.


Saudi women are qualified and will prove their capabilities to the Kingdom, the company, and to S&IS, becoming a contributing factor within safety.
— Aali M. Al Zahrani


Extensive efforts with stakeholders, including Human Resources, Labor Relations, the Staffing Services Department, Training and Development, and the Law Department, turned the initiative into a successful recruitment process.


New challenge

Jannah said the process consisted of campaigns, interviews, and face-to-face meetings to market the new jobs across the Kingdom, providing information about the nature of the work and addressing inquiries raised by potential candidates.


“Bringing females into this workforce is indeed a new and difficult challenge to be fulfilled within the S&IS success story,” Jannah said. 


To create an appropriate environment for future female employees, job titles were reviewed and adjusted, and new job ladders were created. New Line Specific Training (LST) programs were also developed for female security officers and fire inspectors.


Ongoing Journey

In coordination with the Industrial Training Department, S&IS welcomed the candidates with an orientation and showcased operations with visits to fire stations, the FrPD hydro-test workshop, the 911 Security Center, and the Industrial Security Operations Academy. Candidates also visited the Leading National Academy in al-Khobar for an overview of the four-month academic training program before their LST. The journey will include quarterly engagement sessions to provide the young females with the opportunity to meet with senior S&IS management.


Several insights were contributed during the orientation conversation. One asked when female security officers would be able to carry live weapons. Another asked about the possibility of becoming a K-9 specialist. Work location and further training were also topics of curiosity, with S&IS stating that female hiring would be based on place of residence, and on-the-job training would continue for 20 months after attendance at the academy as part of the two-year entry level program.


Laila M. Ghamdi, an HR generalist with the FrPD’s Training Coordination Group, said S&IS is very keen to pave the way for females through encouraging diversity and inclusion at all levels in the organization.


Enthusiastic candidates

Yara K. Osaimi, from Jiddah, aspires to become a fire inspector and expressed her gratitude in joining Aramco. “I’m proud to be a part of a program that promotes safety,” she said.


Sarah Shamrani, from Dammam, believes that joining S&IS is a golden opportunity. “I am excited to become one of the first females to make history,” she said.


Al-Khobar-based Amina A. Alyousif, said, “There is no routine in this program as I will learn something new every day. I’m happy to be contributing in saving lives.”



Laila M. Ghamdi speaks during the tour, which was prepared for women who will occupy field technical positions in the Industrial Safety and Security Department, including security officers, reception staff for emergency reports, and fire protection inspectors.


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