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Your Voice: A call for transparency when it comes to face masks

Wearing masks is no passing trend, so we should make the best of it.

Your Voice: A call for transparency when it comes to face masks

The last time I visited my local bank to renew my ATM card, the customer services clerk asked me very politely to lower my mask so that he could see my face for identification purposes. Of course, I did. Smiling, I told him that that question was normally asked to ladies covering their faces for religious purposes, usually at airports and borders. He, too, smiled and said that now we were all equal, men and women.


It seems that wearing masks is not a passing trend, but is here to stay as many health authorities recommend them during the ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic.


There are many types of face masks used by people around the world now — cloth and surgical — and yet, despite all kinds of improvements to these masks, they are not yet comfortable for most people to use. One of the most important reasons, I think, is that masks hide the most important features of our faces.


One company will realize this and develop an innovative transparent mask, which will allow people to see the wearer’s face without violating the strict health rules and precautions. This brilliant product would allow people to communicate comfortably and exchange full facial expressions, whether they be smiles, frowns, or the furrowed brows of anger.


Imagine …


All drawbacks using ordinary surgical and cloth masks will disappear. Just imagine if teachers, doctors, nurses, and journalists could return back to talking easily and normally to their clients where everyone can see each other’s faces!

Moreover, and since COVID-19 is still the world’s most important concern, transparent masks will help us regain many of the things we have lost using the old masks. With the new transparent masks’ characteristics and features, we can probably survive for a few more years under the present pandemic and probable future pandemics.


This new product will be easier to wear from all perspectives: they are lighter than normal masks; have anti-fog features; are washable; and are reusable several times over. But most importantly, by using this new product one can avoid being caught and fined SR1,000 because you’re not wearing a mask, violating the health rules.


So cool. I am quite sure that we will see this product in real life use soon.




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