Cleaning Up

Tanajib Projects: Part of the solution, not pollution with cleanup

Crews of about 50 tackle initiative to dispose of trash littering roadsides, green areas, and camping grounds.

Tanajib Projects: Part of the solution, not pollution with cleanup

Approximately 80 square meters of trash has been collected from outside the north access gate of the Tanajib Gas Plant construction site after the roadside was littered with waste.


The Tanajib Gas Plant Projects Department (TGPPD) sponsored an environmental initiative for the contractor that is working on the Package 14 Sulfur Handling Facilities to remove the accumulated waste generated by locals and camping groups.


The waste was scattered for 2 kilometers along the side of the road, triggering the campaign.


Putting trash in its place

The cleanup crew of about 50 people was split into two groups: the first concentrated on the natural green areas and collected light waste manually, while the other group used a front-end loader, a back-end loader, and three dump trucks to haul the accumulated trash close to the Safaniyah interchange.


After the collection, proper disposal in an approved landfill was ensured using the company’s approved manifest process. The campaign took about three hours.


The initiative was in line with Upstream Project Management’s directive to create positive environmental impacts with company projects through community service and outreach programs, reaffirming the role of the company and its contractors in protecting the environment and promoting a healthy housekeeping culture across the Kingdom.


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