Memory Lane

Memory Lane: New construction through the decades

Whether it was facilities, hospital buildings, or the fire training center in Ju’aymah, new construction is a way of life at Aramco.

Memory Lane: New construction through the decades

May 16, 1951


The Public Relations Division reports that employees are beginning to send in their photographs for possible use in Aramco publicity releases.


The response has come as a result of a new plan just inaugurated which offers $5 for each photo with publicity value that is submitted by local camera enthusiasts.


Almost any good photograph is eligible. But generally, shots of oil operations and Saudi Arabian scenery are in greater demand. It is thought that nearly every experienced photographer has several suitable prints in his files right now.


May 18, 1966


Several major construction projects were approved by the Aramco Board of Directors during the May 3 meeting in San Francisco to be carried out during the coming year. One of these is for a new crude stabilizer addition at Abqaiq.


This project will expand stabilizer capacity by 275,000 barrels per calendar day for Arabian Light Crude, primary through installation of a sixth stabilizer column. Completion of this project is scheduled for late 1967.


May 12, 1976


Two new medical facilities have passed out of the design stage and will soon be part of the Aramco landscape.


A major expansion more than doubling the size of the health center and a new dental clinic are planned for Dhahran, while an outpatient clinic and compound incorporating staff housing will be constructed in Hofuf.


CAPTION FOR TOP PHOTO: An enlarged Dhahran Health Center, above, when complete will provide over twice the present capacity.


May, 1991


Old power poles in Dhahran are being replaced and new power lines installed by the Power Distribution Department to double power and supply capacity. Improvements are being made to meet the electrical power demands of planned new homes and existing residences located in the Dhahran main community. A number of electrical power poles are being replaced on King's Road, north of Miller Avenue and east of Dallah Road.


The upgrade is required to meet the additional demand placed on the electrical distribution due to new housing additions and new, upgraded all-electric homes.


May 17, 2006


Saudi Aramco president and CEO Abdallah S. Jum'ah was on hand May 15 to inaugurate the Advanced Fire Training Center. He witnessed two fire-drill simulations and donned the protective clothing of a firefighter, getting a chance to reconnect with his experiences of the past.


"This facility is a living example of our corporate values of developing people, ensuring safety, and stewardship," Jum'ah said.


In addition to providing advanced fire training to Fire Protection Department personnel, the center also trains operations personnel, Marine Offshore and Plant Emergency Response Team personnel, as well as conducting operator training for Ras Tanura and Ju'aymah areas.

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