Offshore Nonmetallics

Aramco pioneering nonmetallic projects offshore

From jacket mud mats to reinforced thermosetting resin, Marjan Offshore GOSP-4 deploys new solutions.

Aramco pioneering nonmetallic projects offshore

In line with the company’s initiative to maximize the deployment of nonmetallic materials in capital projects, the Marjan Offshore GOSP-4 project of the Marjan and Zuluf Increment Projects Department (MZIPD) has introduced new applications.


The new nonmetallics include polypropylene-random polymer (PP-R) for plumbing systems, reinforced thermosetting resin (RTR) for sodium hypochlorite systems, and jacket mud mats for subsea structures.


A collaborative effort

The deployment of these applications was a collaborative effort between Project Management, the Consulting Services Department, and contractors. Badr M. Burshaid, manager of MZIPD, said this collaboration among Aramco organizations was key to reaching more cost-effective solutions and opening the door to wider implementation in future projects.


“The PP-R will be deployed for the first time in Aramco projects for utility plumbing systems due to its technical properties that satisfy service requirements. The RTR will also be deployed for the first time to handle sodium hypochlorite injected into seawater and firewater caissons to prevent marine growth,” Burshaid said.


PP-R and RTR prove to be promising options compared to conventional materials in terms of safety, corrosion resistance, installation schedule, and cost-effectiveness.
— Badr M. Burshaid


Advantage over metals

“The nonmetallic jacket mud mat is used to support and stabilize the jacket structure of an offshore platform during installation activities. This product provides advantages compared to conventional ways in terms of significant weight reduction and smoother fabrication and installation activities.”


The success of this pioneering initiative demonstrates the Marjan GOSP-4 team’s significant efforts in implementing potential technologies to gain key benefits. 


The project team is further looking into other nonmetallic applications for potential implementation to expand utilization in future projects.


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