'Id Mubarak!

CEO: Have a safe and peaceful ‘Id al-Fitr

With hopes to a return to normalcy, please continue to be safe in our fight against COVID-19.

CEO: Have a safe and peaceful ‘Id al-Fitr

Dear Colleagues,


As we near the end of the Holy Month of Ramadan, I wish you and your families a safe, pleasant, and peaceful ‘Id al-Fitr.


This year’s ‘Id will once again be different from the traditional way we celebrate, with COVID-19 pandemic constraints still in place. However, like you, I hope that we will soon be able to return to a more normal life and work environment.


Achieving a return to normal still requires us to practice habits and observe measures to limit the spread of the virus, so I seek your cooperation and support as we continue to fight the pandemic during ‘Id and in the months ahead.     


‘Id Mubarak!


Amin Nasser,

President and CEO


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