Ramadan Tour

CEO tours company facilities during Ramadan

Amin Nasser pays tribute to employees' commitment in monthlong tour of facilities.

CEO tours company facilities during Ramadan

What makes Aramco the world’s most valuable integrated energy company, producing one out of every eight barrels of oil in the world, is its people. 


Year round, it is our people who travel far from home, in challenging environments, with unwavering attention to safety and health, providing energy that is the foundation for the world’s economy and the nation’s ambitions. 


Working in remote facilities requires commitment, and Amin Nasser, Saudi Aramco president and CEO, and senior executives paid tribute to that commitment during a tour of company facilities during the Holy Month of Ramadan.  


Nasser and members of his management team visited employees in Abqaiq, Manifa, Marjan, Ras Tanura, Shaybah, and Shedgum, along with  Jazan at the end of Ramadan. 


During his visit, Nasser thanked employees for their efforts and dedication. He also assured them that their work will continue to be critical, not only in producing the world’s  much-needed source of energy, but also in providing feedstock for local and global industries that will enable economic growth in the Kingdom and around the world. 

During a visit to Marjan, Amin Nasser visited the GOSP-2 Control Room, where he expressed his appreciation for the hard work and dedication of personnel working in remote areas.


Amin Nasser greets personnel during a recent visit to Manifa Producing Control Center. During his visit, the CEO emphasized the importance of vigilance, both in personal health and in maintaining safety in the workplace.

The CEO spoke with personnel at the Shaybah Plants, highlighting their hard work and response to a number of challenges, including maintaining operational safety during the pandemic and bringing plants back into production after the 2019 terrorist attacks. 

Amin Nasser speaks with Abqaiq Plants employees during the recent senior management visit to company facilities. Nasser paid tribute to their dedication following the September 2019 terrorist attacks. 

The president and CEO speaks with personnel at the Shedgum Gas Plant during a tour of facilities.

Top Photo Caption: Amin Nasser visits with employees in the Engineers’ Computer Room at Ras Tanura Refinery during the senior management visit of facilities.


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