Digital ID

Forgot your badge? No problem with new digital ID

The Industrial Security Support Department teams up with IT to provide access to secure doors through the use of a mobile phone app.

Forgot your badge? No problem with new digital ID

Aramco employees will now be able to scan their company IDs through their smart phones at key company security gated areas with the launch of the new Digital ID initiative.


The new digital ID — the result of a partnership between the Industrial Security Support Department (ISSD) and Information Technology (IT) — will allow employees to activate, deactivate, and access secure doors with phones.


The new system was recently inaugurated by senior vice president of Human Resources and Corporate Services, Nabeel Al-Jama’, vice president of Safety and Industrial Security, Aali M. Al Zahrani, and vice president of IT, Yousef A. Al Ulyan.


In alignment with the company’s Digital Transformation strategy, ISSD and IT has started the roll out in key areas, such as the Dhahran Core Area’s Tower Building.


COVID-19 safety

The development will also boost Aramco’s extensive efforts in COVID-19 prevention, as the digital ID uses touchless communication with access control gates.


The digital ID is a seamless and convenient solution that provides an optional digital extension to the physical ID on mobile devices allowing access to Aramco facilities. 


Digital alternative

This digital ID can act as your identification card, and it can be used to seamlessly grant you access to applicable Aramco facilities, as well as allow security to verify your identity.


Each digital ID is not only unique to the user, but also each specific mobile device. This feature ensures maximum security.


Three simple steps to go digital with your ID:

1. Login to the mySecurity app

2. Click on the digital ID tile, read the instructions, and agree

3. Your digital ID is ready for use; just wait 10 minutes after activating before using it for gate access.


At the gate

1. Click “Show Digital ID” on the mySecurity app main screen

2. Hold your phone near the reader at the gate

3. Click “Use Digital ID.”



PHOTO CAPTION: Nabeel Al-Jama’, center, is joined by Aali M. Al Zahrani and Yousef A. Al Ulyan in testing out the new digital ID from their smartphones. The new technology allows employees to activate, deactivate, and access security doors.


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