Our Safety History

Looking back on our commitment to safety over the decades

Times and technologies change, but the drive to create a culture of safety has always been an integral value here at Aramco.

Looking back on our commitment to safety over the decades

World Day for Safety and Health at Work looks to raise awareness of how to make work safer, and of the need to enhance the profile of occupational safety and health.


Safety is one of our core values, and something that has been embraced since our earliest days as a company.


Join us for a visual journey that provides a brief glimpse into how safety at work has evolved at Saudi Aramco over the past 80 years.


Early Initiatives

Aramco’s early safety communications materials addressed hazards that were largely new and unfamiliar in the quickly industrializing region. 



Broadcasting safety

In the absence of radio stations or other means of broadcast communication, Aramco’s safety engineers harnessed every means at their disposal, including roving loudhailers. 

Gathering momentum

Safety recognition has long been a focus for the company as highlighted by this celebration of Dhahran area having the lowest injury rate in 1950. 


Training drive

Knowledge of first aid procedures are crucial to a safe and healthy workplace, with this practice making up a significant part of workplace training during the 1950s.

Last line of defense

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is the last line of defense in a worker’s safety arsenal. 


Safety technologies and PPE have come a long way, as can be seen by this image of workers during the 1950s.

Right on Target

Effective safety communication and education has always been a focus of Saudi Aramco.


From the release of its first safety posters in the 1940s, to the launch of “Safety Packets” in the 1960s — the safety and well-being of its employees has always been the company’s key focus.

Health is Wealth

The importance of disease prevention has been driven home recently by the COVID-19 pandemic. 


This extract from a 1957 issue of Safety Target shows that advice related to safety measures such as proper hygiene and social distancing never gets old. 

…who’s the safest of them all?

Saudi Aramco has always sought to drive home the concept that safety is the responsibility of each and every individual, as show in this safety poster from 1962.

A long journey

Safety doesn’t end at the fence line with road and traffic safety an essential element of any workplace. 


Saudi Aramco has long supported the promotion of traffic safety, as can be seen by this special issue of “Panorama” — an off-job safety publication – from 1986. 

Despite technology transforming the manner in which we work, good housekeeping remains a key element in workplace safety, as illustrated by this poster from 1987.

Key elements

Recently, the company launched its Lifesaving Rules focus. This campaign — communicated in six different languages — draws attention to the eight safety violations that have resulted in 90% of the company’s fatalities over the past decade.


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