World IP Day

Aramco showcases innovation and patented accomplishments

In recognition of World Intellectual Property Day, company reflects on a journey of IP growth.

Aramco showcases innovation and patented accomplishments

In recognition of World Intellectual Property Day, the Corporate Innovation Board held a virtual meeting on Monday, April 26, showcasing Aramco’s accomplishments in patenting and innovation, reinforcing the company’s image as a technology leader in the energy industry. 


The event, called “Saudi Aramco Intellectual Property Day” and themed “Taking Your Ideas to Market,” was live broadcast through Shahed and featured keynote speeches by management, recognition of selected commercialized technologies, commercialized intellectual property success stories, and commercialization best practices.


Decades dedicated to growth

Jamil J. Al-Bagawi, the chief engineer and chairman of the Corporate Innovation Board, told attendees that the company has made remarkable progress since 2001, the year the company created its Corporate Innovation Program. 


In the past two decades, Aramco has dramatically increased the number of patents that directly impact the company’s efficiency and profitability, and has identified the company’s place as a world leader in innovation.


“We are all proud that Aramco is now the leader among its peers in the number of U.S. patents granted,” Al-Bagawi said. “In 2020, Aramco was granted 683 U.S. patents, while it filed a further 1,183 applications, more than any other international oil company. Aramco’s patent portfolio has increased by more than 2,000 U.S. patents in the past six years alone.”


A focus on securing patents has gone hand-in-hand with an innovation revolution at the company, Al-Bagawi added.


“After 20 years, we are now reaping the benefits of reaching unprecedented performance in corporate innovation,” Al-Bagawi said. “For example, last year and despite the pandemic, we achieved over 60% corporate innovation participation, exceeding the industry best practice of 30%, achieved over 9,000 implemented ideas, and realized nearly half a billion dollars in value.”


Industrywide recognition

This excellent performance in innovation is getting noticed in the industry.  In 2020, Aramco was ranked by the Boston Consulting Group as the most innovative company in the Middle East and Africa in its 2020 Most Innovative Companies report. 


Following the opening remarks, two keynote presentations highlighted the corporate accomplishments in the Intellectual Property and Innovation:


• Saudi Aramco Intellectual Property: Journey and Accomplishments, presented by Bashir M. Dabbousi, manager of the Technology Strategy and Planning Department.


• Corporate Innovation Program: Achieving Excellence, presented by Yousif A. Al-Ghamdi, head of the Technology Management Division.


The event also included recognition of nine selected commercialized technologies. Some of the company’s commercialization success stories highlighted during the virtual event included:


• Full Wave Sonic, presented by Christopher B. Ayadiuno, a senior geological consultant from EXPEC ARC.


• CAN-X Catalysts, presented by Omer R. Koseoglu, a principal scientist from the Research and Development Center Department.


• Integrated Nodes, presented by Soliman M. Almadi, a senior engineering consultant from the Process and Control Systems Department.


The event also showcased several corporate best practices that Aramco organizations have developed for the commercialization of intellectual property:


• Commercialization Strategy Development Best Practices, presented by Mazen A. Sadat, Corporate Innovation Unit supervisor from the Operational Excellence Department.


• Commercialization Best Practices, presented by Eric K. Tonui, a science specialist from the Technology Strategy and Planning Department.


Monday’s event concluded with a panel discussion involving the presenters to highlight their insights and answer the audience’s questions.


These accomplishments, resulting from strategic decisions, leadership, and hard work, put the company in an enviable position to weather the challenges ahead of us. And for every innovative idea that comes from an Aramco employee, we are proving that Aramco’s greatest asset is our people. 


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