Green Zone

‘Green zone’ streamlines safe project work on existing facilities

Separate space for construction and expansion projects on operating facilities saves time and boosts safety.

‘Green zone’ streamlines safe project work on existing facilities

A lack of planning can cause significant delays in projects, especially with the expansion or renovation of existing facilities. Aramco’s new “green zones” strategy addresses such potential impacts.


Aramco’s Project Management Team (PMT) recently introduced a green zone area concept for expansion projects being executed by the Marjan and Zuluf Increment Projects Department (MZIPD) in the Tanajib area. The strategy helps project management navigate resource and logistics challenges while maintaining security and continuous, reliable plant operations by eliminating constraints often associated with projects on already-existing sites.


“This method is cost effective and it will help promote a safe work environment by clearing all uncertainties associated with existing running facilities,” said Badr M. Burshaid, manager of the MZIPD.


High levels of security and safety 

PMT uses 5 kilometers of temporary segregation fencing – complete with an intrusion-detection system monitored by the Regional Security Control Center. Also, a locally programmed Access Control System is deployed to ensure only authorized personnel can enter the area. Other safety measures include gas-detection systems and high-tech biometric devices to detect individuals who may be infected with COVID-19.


Benefits of the green zone segregation fence include a more streamlined work-permit process, focused emergency response capabilities, and safe operation of the plant (as the project workforce is physically separate from the operational facility.)


Resource and logistics management 

With dedicated temporary construction roads accessing the project area beyond the bounds of the operational work area, the movement of traffic, materials, and heavy equipment to and from the construction site are more free flowing.


The “green zone” concept helps by streamlining access for project workers via a dedicated gate and access roads, reducing proximity of live plant operations from project work, and separating traffic and entry impacts. This, in turn, expedites construction progress.


By applying these tactics through close collaboration between PMT, Industrial Security Operations, and the Loss Prevention Department at the MZIPD, the green zone is expected to enhance project performance, maintain safety and security measures, and provide the smooth operation of existing facilities.


By Mohammad A. Makkawi and Abdulaziz M. Anbari


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