Mixing Methods

Innovation is in the mix at South Dhahran housing project

Aramco’s new method for road construction provides cost and and time savings.

Innovation is in the mix at South Dhahran housing project

A new road construction base-layer mixing method employed by the South Dhahran Housing Projects Department has led to significant time and cost savings.

The method involves machine mixing different sized aggregates, optimizing the amount of water used, and improving the base consistency under the 181 kilometers of roadway built for the project.

The technology cut the time by 35% that it would normally take to construct road foundations. It is estimated there will be a 10% cost reduction in maintenance costs as a result of improved road foundation quality.

By mechanically mixing the coarse and fine foundation materials, the quality of the base layers improves and results in a more durable road. Traditionally, materials are mixed on-site in a time-consuming, expensive, and often inconsistent process.

The technology utilizes a mechanical mixer, which mixes the different sized aggregates consistently so the materials interlock quickly, streamlining the construction process and eliminating on-site manual mixing. 

High quality road construction is important when it comes to maintaining roads. Improving the quality of roads greatly adds to reducing its maintenance liability as well as reducing the inconvenience placed on the traveling public during such maintenance.

With this in mind, the Aramco Project Management Team and the Consulting Services Department completed an assessment of the innovative technology and employed it at the housing site.

— by Elsayed G. Elshabshiri and Waseem A. Khatri





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