A Dip in the Gulf

Dive in and discover the wonders of an underwater world

Dhahran Diving Group gives Aramcons opportunity to explore the depths of the Arabian Gulf and beyond.

Dive in and discover the wonders of an underwater world

For centuries, people in the Arabian Gulf harvested precious pearls, searching for oysters during the season from April to September. The divers would stay underwater for long stretches of time looking for these elusive pearls. Though the pearling industry no longer exists, the beauty and excitement of diving in the Gulf remain. 


The Dhahran Diving Association (DDA) is a self-directed group for beginners or experienced divers who want to explore local and regional waters.

The association offers training to its members to enable them to obtain a diving license. Members are certified to dive upon completion of a Professional Association of Dive Instructors (PADI) course offered by DDA instructors.


Belinda Tamez, one of the diving instructors, said PADI training emphasizes how divers can enjoy the underwater world safely.


“Instructors teach students not only how to keep themselves and their dive buddies safe, but we also emphasize how to keep aquatic life and the environment safe. We teach how to preserve and conserve the most diverse ecosystem in the world,” Tamez said.

Peaceful, serene place

Licensed divers can join the association to become part of the community and go on diving trips.


The DDA is planning for two diving trips each month this year, depending on the weather and COVID-19 restrictions. Recently, the DDA has focused on diving locally, and has a dedicated area at the company beach on Half Moon Bay for members to explore. Diving trips also include beautiful locations in Jubail and the Red Sea. Depending on travel restrictions, DDA may explore a coral reef off Bahrain this year.


“DDA offers … an opportunity to meet other members who share a passion for scuba diving,” said Hugh Hollman, a DDA member. 


What I enjoy most is being part of the Dhahran diving community and sharing diving experiences.
— Hugh Hollman

Those wishing to join the DDA should send their request to ddalearntodive@gmail.com.


For those who may hesitate, Tamez said, “The underwater world is the most peaceful, serene place on Earth. Imagine an atmosphere where phones don’t ring, there is no traffic noise and your body is completely weightless. You descend under the water and all that matters is the magic of the underwater world. You get to be a part of an environment that doesn’t get explored by many.”



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