Ramadan Hacks

Reader submission: A better way to sleep

Girish Ramachandran offers a few easy Ramadan tips to help improve our sleep.

Reader submission: A better way to sleep
Girish Ramachandran, a contractor working in the Offshore Projects Department, offered these simple hacks regarding preparing to go to sleep every night.

Drink a small quantity of plain water before going to bed, and spend at least 30 minutes reading (not online) before going bed. This will improve the concentration and tranquility, which will eventually improve the quality of sleep. 

Everyone experiences dreams while sleeping. Sleeping is an automatic emotional and physiological transformation of our brain to ensure the continuity of sleeping apart from our
real-life stress and strain. 

Dreams take us away to an imaginary world scripted by our brain having connections with our real life situations, and dreams are usually the reflection of our last mood before fall asleep. So, like many important things in our day, we should prepare for it.

If you have tips on how to navigate the unique challenges the Holy Month of Ramadan has to offer, have any special recipes, or favorite memories from past Ramadan celebrations, please share them with us at Aramco LIFE by emailing Publishing@Aramco.com.

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