Don’t wait, vaccinate

Same-day and next-day appointments for your first COVID-19 vaccine dose

For more information or to make an appointment, visit

Same-day and next-day appointments for your first COVID-19 vaccine dose

Every day that passes without being vaccinated increases your risk of being exposed to SARS-CoV-2, becoming infected, and assisting in the spread of COVID-19 throughout your community.


To serve you better, we have streamlined our vaccination process and an online or MyChart “expression of interest” form is no longer required.


Eligible Aramco and Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare (JHAH) employees and dependents aged 18 years and over can now make same-day and next-day appointments for a first vaccine dose and protect themselves from COVID-19.


• Visit> New Coronavirus> COVID-19 Vaccination for eligibility, hours of service, directions, and FAQs

• JHAH registered individuals can use their MyChart accounts to book

• Alternatively, all eligible individuals can book by calling the friendly JHAH Contact Center at 800-305-4444. 


Vaccinations are available in the following locations
• Dhahran, Building 133
• Dhahran, JHAH Primary Care
• Al-Hasa, JHAH
• Abqaiq, JHAH
• Ras Tanura, JHAH
• Tanajib, Remote Area Clinic


The same day that your first COVID-19 vaccine dose is administered, you will receive an appointment confirmation for your second dose. This will take place 12 weeks after your first dose, as recommended by the Ministry of Health.


If you have started your COVID-19 vaccinations with the Ministry of Health, you must complete your second dose at an MOH Vaccination Center. This is for your safety and continuity of care.


We can’t spell “Immunity” without U

Read more about population immunity and the vaccination program by visiting:> News & Events> News & Articles> Don’t wait vaccinate.



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