Innovation at the Wellhead

New system reduces production stoppage time by up to 90%

Offshore Projects a wellhead of innovation with new shutdown system.

New system reduces production stoppage time by up to 90%

The Offshore Projects Department (OPD) has developed a new oil platform emergency shutdown (ESD) system that reduces production stoppage time by up to 90%.


The portable system provides a temporary wellhead safety control panel for offshore platforms during construction of a permanent panel. The temporary panel controls the subsurface and surface safety valves of up to 12 individual wellheads simultaneously.


OPD successfully deployed the innovative system during the recent upgrade of 25 offshore platforms in the Zuluf oil field, approximately 40 kilometers off the Kingdom’s northeast coast.


The system enabled continued production from the platforms in parallel with the construction activities, resulting in a reduction of the conventional 30-day shutdown duration per platform to just 3 days, leading to significant savings in production lossess.


Abdulaziz F. Al Dulaijan, manager of the Offshore Projects Department, said the solution has been recognized for its innovative, operational convenience.


“OPD has successfully and reliably accomplished replacing obsolete ESD systems for several platforms while maintaining production, utilizing this temporary ESD system designed and developed in-house,” Al Dulaijan said.


“This solution, which maintains production during construction, is appreciated by all involved organizations,” he added.


“OPD is now looking to implement this solution on bigger scale projects and platforms, such as tie-in platforms and gas-oil separation plants, to minimize shutdowns in cases where permanent ESD system modifications or replacements are required.”


The area remains committed in deploying best-in-class technologies and innovative solutions in projects execution with a focus on safe operations, schedule improvements, and cost optimization without operational interruption.


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