Ramadan Health Tips

7 tips for safe medication use during Ramadan

JHAH offers some advice on how to best manage medications over the Holy Month.

7 tips for safe medication use during Ramadan

Here are tips for safe medication use during the Holy Month of Ramadan.


  • Do not skip or change your medication doses on your own. Consult your clinician for advice and recommendations.
  • Medications with a single daily dose in the evening can be taken with Suhoor, or a single daily dose in the morning can be taken with Iftar
  • For medications taken twice daily, take the morning dose with Iftar and the second dose with Suhoor
  • For medications that are taken three times or more daily, consult your clinician.
  • Fasting and certain diabetic medications, such as insulin or oral diabetic medications, can put you at risk for hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). Some diabetic patients may require adjustment to their insulin or oral diabetic medication doses, please consult your clinician. 
  • It is important to monitor your condition closely during Ramadan, and consult your clinician immediately if you have problems with managing your health.
  • You may also want to schedule a follow-up consultation after Ramadan to discuss any necessary readjustments of your medication(s).

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